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Cathie Black quits Hearst Magazines to become New York City schools chancellor

Black: "billiant", "innovative", and "driven"

Chairperson of Hearst Magazines Cathleen P Black, who was working at the publications since 1995, has quit her job to become the new chancellor of New York City's Schools.

Ms Black was appointed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg following Joel Klein's resignation as chancellor after eight years on the job. Klein has been named executive vice-president at News Corp.

Ms Black will be the first woman to head the US's largest school system, with a $23bn budget, 135,000 employees and 1m students.

"Cathie Black is a superstar manager who has succeeded spectacularly in the private sector," Bloomberg said in a statement on Tuesday announcing the appointment.

"She is brilliant, she is innovative, she is driven -- and there is virtually nobody who knows more about the needs of the 21st century workforce for which we need to prepare our kids," Bloomberg affirmed.

Black, who was president of Hearst Magazines since 1995, took over as Hearst chairperson this summer when former Condé Nast group president David Carey replaced her as president.

In a separate statement, Hearst Corporation chairman and CEO Frank A Bennack Jr said, "Cathie has served Hearst with distinction for more than 15 years and her contributions as both senior executive and Board member will be missed by all of us who have worked alongside her."