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Playboy to auction fine art works from collection

Notable items include Dali's "Playmate" and images of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

Playboy will be auctioning a collection of its fine art works, which will include iconic original photographs, prints, cartoons and paintings featured in the magazine, in December.

Over 80 photographs, 24 cartoons and contemporary art work from the publisher will be available for sale.

Notable items include Salvador Dali's "Playmate," a 1966 watercolor of a reclining nude that hung in Playboy editor-in--chief Hugh Hefner's bedroom in the Playboy mansion, expected to fetch anywhere between $100,000-150,000, a photograph of comedian Dan Aykrod in a conehead costume with Pamela Anderson, the original Marilyn Monroe 1953 cover of Playboys' debut edition, an early 1960s picture of French model Brigitte Bardot and three Alberto Vargas pinup girl watercolor and pencil illustration boards.

The highest valued work, expected to draw in $2m to $3m is the famous 1996 oil of a scarlet-lipstick mouth by pop artist Tom Wesselmann - "Mouth No. 8".

Several of the magazine's layout boards with markings and comments by art directors will also go on sale, in addition to original centerfolds of Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy and Anderson.

The auction, titled "The Year of the Rabbit" will be conducted by international art auctioneer Christie's on 8 December.