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WikiLeaks founder slams Wired magazine on Twitter

Assange criticises alleged false claims about WikiLeaks' documents on Iraq war.

Wikileaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange slammed US technology magazine Wired saying it should not be trusted as it has an agenda and does not check facts.

Assange also claimed the Condé Nast title is a "known opponent and spreader of all sorts of misinformation about WikiLeaks".

He was referring to what he claimed were false reports in the magazine that the site was due to release as many as 500,000 classified US documents from the Iraq war online on Monday.

Wired's senior editor Kevin Poulsen is responsible for "other completely false information about WikiLeaks", Assange wrote on Twitter.

The technology magazine published a story about the circumstances of the arrest of 22-year-old US private Bradley Manning, who was later charged with passing classified documents related to the Iraq war to WikiLeaks. Assange demanded an investigation into the role the magazine played in the arrest.

Poulsen, however, said that the publication has covered both WikiLeaks' successes and its setbacks and that it did not publish any substantive factual errors without correction.