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Tech magazines fare better on iPad than fashion titles

Report looked at digital sales of six US titles' iPad apps, comparing them with print newsstand sale

Sales of magazine applications on iPad have shown mixed results so far with technology magazines faring better than fashion titles, reports

The website looked into the digital newsstand sales of six US titles' iPad apps - Popular Science, Wired, Men's Health, People, GQ, and Vanity Fair, comparing them to print newsstand sales, six months after publishers started offering magazines on Apple's tablet device.

Wired magazine's first iPad edition sold 105,000 copies. It subsequently sold 31,000 copies in July, 28,000 in August, and 32,000 in September on iPad, totalling 37 per cent of newsstand sales.

Popular Science sold an estimated 14,034 iPad editions of the magazine's April, May, June, and July issues. Its iPad sales were equivalent to 12 per cent of its newsstand sales.

Meanwhile Men's Health made 3,174 iPad-edition sales across its April, May, June, and July/August issues amounting to less than 1 per cent of its newsstand sales.

GQ's iPad and iPhone editions collectively achieved sales of 13,310 across issues from April to August, coming to 7 per cent of newsstand sales.

Vanity Fair managed 8,925 iPad and iPhone edition sales across the June, July, August, and September issues, equalling 2 per cent of those issues' newsstand sales.