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Fancy consumer magazines are here to stay, says McGovern

Non-time-sensitive aspirational magazines less likely to migrate to web.

Aspirational magazines will survive the publishing churn, while those focusing on time-sensitive content will migrate to the web, said Pat McGovern, founder and chairman of IDG, in an interview published on

Time and speed are factors which decide which publications will stay where, says McGovern.

Time-sensitive information like business information, financial information, work-related information and business to business information will all migrate to the web, where information can be accessed faster, he says.

Aspirational publications like magazines on yachting, travel, cooking or clothes where there is no urgent time need will still have their niche markets. "I think there's always going to be a role for the fancy consumer magazines that let people think about and dream about their future," McGovern says.

McGovern says that B2B is going to be all web-based as publishers can triple online content investment and still make money.

IDG was founded in 1964 and now has a presence in over 90 countries. IDG"s website says it is now a global media network that emphasises online news and information, complimented by print publications and events.