Magazine Publishers of America is re-branded

The trade body will now be known as "MPA - the Association of Magazine Media".

Magazine Publishers of America, the trade body for the US consumer magazine industry, is being renamed "MPA - the Association of Magazine Media" with a redesigned logo, the New York Times reports.

The re-branding is intended to reflect the association's expanded operations across multiple platforms, especially its active campaign in the digital realm, while retaining print.

According to the report, the word "Publishers" has been removed from the name to indicate how readers can engage with magazines through new means such as mobile devices, social media and branded merchandise.

However, the word "magazine" remains "because there is something unique about magazines -- the immersive experience, the curated content and the sense of a community of interests," Nina Link, president and chief executive of the MPA was quoted as saying.

The changes will be described on Monday at the 2010 American Magazine Conference in Chicago, which is co-sponsored by the MPA and the American Society of Magazine Editors.

This is at least the second change of name for the 90-year-old association, which was known until 1987 as the Magazine Publishers Association, added the report.