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Daily Beast in talks with Newsweek for merger

The two parties are having "interesting discussions".

Daily Beast founder and editor Tina Brown on Wednesday said the news and opinion site was having "some interesting discussions going on with potential partners" about the site's likely merger with Newsweek.

Brown and Sidney Harman, who recently bought the US news magazine from the Washington Post Company, are reportedly discussing the merger.

A series of documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the sale of Newsweek by the Washington Post has confirmed that Sidney Harman purchased the title for $1 and has assumed its liabilities totalling more than $47 million, according to Folio.

The news site's recent hire of Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz has revived speculation about the merger with the Daily Beast.

Talking about what the site could be a year later, Brown said the Daily Beast would be "still romping along learning and adapting to our fast and furious world with a speed that stays smart, helped by the insights of our vibrant Beast community."