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Australian mag fired editor for putting me on cover, claims Naomi Campbell

Campbell refused to name the journalist or the publication, but has been vocal about racism in the f

British super-model Naomi Campbell claims that the head of an Australian fashion magazine was fired from her job for featuring her on the cover page.

"One time, I went to Australia," said Campbell speaking to the Daily Telegraph, "The editor-in-chief of a magazine there told me that she got fired for putting me on the cover."

"I do remember going there and saying, 'Where's the Aboriginal model? There should be one. They're beautiful women," she added.

Campbell, who refused to name the journalist or the publication in question, has been vocal about racism in the fashion industry.

In 2009, she alleged that major companies were using the financial crisis as an excuse to eliminate black models from their advertising campaign.

"This year, we have gone back all the way that we had advanced," said Campbell who was the first black model to appear on both French and British Vogue.

"I don't see any black woman, or of any other race, in big advertising campaigns," she added.