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GQ's 'Glee' photoshoot generates 'paedophilia' controversy

Conservative interest group condemns photoshoot featuring actors aged in their twenties.

A photoshoot featuring stars of hit US TV series 'Glee' in men's magazine GQ has generated controversy over its sexualised representation of high school-aged characters.

The November issue of GQ carries images of three actors from the musical series - Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith - in revealing clothes and suggestive poses.

With photos from the yet-to-be-released issue circulating on the internet, the Parents Television Council, a conservative interest group which keeps a check on TV programming, condemned the photoshoot as "bordering on paedophilia," on Wednesday.

The Council argued it was disturbing that GQ, which caters to adult men, was sexualising actresses who played high school-aged characters.

In response, GQ editor Jim Nelson said the Council must "learn to divide reality from fantasy," noting that the actors were in fact in their twenties.

Agron, meanwhile, posted a personal statement on her blog saying she was sorry if the images hurt or made anyone uncomfortable, but that it was possible today for parents to ensure children do not access inappropriate material, which was anyway widely available.