British glossy banishes celebrities and models from covers

Essentials magazine has taken the decision in response to a survey of their readers, who felt that t

Glossy British magazine, Essentials, has decided to no longer feature models and celebrities on its cover pages and instead showcase "real women" without any airbrushing, a first for the industry.

The magazine will feature ten women - professionals, home-makers and business women - aged 34 to 70, on the cover of its October issue. There will also be no models or celebrities in its fashion and beauty spreads.

Essentials editor Jules Barton-Breck said they are responding to the wishes of the magazine's readers. In a survey conducted by the magazine, about 70 per cent of its 5,000 or so readers said they would rather see a real woman on the cover page than a celebrity. Around 72 per cent felt the celebrity culture exerted unhealthy pressure on women.

The move comes amid growing concerns over the effects of altered photos and airbrushing in magazines and advertisements, and the rise in eating disorders and cosmetic surgery among girls and young women.

Recently, the UK Girl Guides initiated an online petition to be sent to Prime Minister David Cameron for mandatory labeling of airbrushed pictures of models and actresses, so that readers could differentiate these from real-world untouched photographs.