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Reader's Digest announces new media initiatives

iPad app, e-newsletter announced in raft of digital ventures.

Reader's Digest Media president Dan Lagani, in a press conference on Monday, announced about 24 multimedia initiatives for the company in the year ahead.

In February, the company will launch an iPad app for its flagship magazine Reader's Digest (RD). Around 12 other mobile apps and 6 special interest newsstand publications will also be brought out in the same time period.

The publisher will also start a daily e-newsletter, Reader's Digest Best You and a book imprint on healthcare.
agani and RD editor-in-chief Peggy Northrop also said that the magazine would be go back to its formulaic strength of outsourcing content as America's "trusted curator." The title will source 90 per cent of its content from other publications.

The Reader's Digest Association has also shifted from its longtime headquarters in Pleasantville, New York, to midtown Manhattan.