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X-Factor launches spin-off weekly mag

'X' will be headed by former editor Peter Robinson.

X Factor producers Syco and Fremantle will launch 'X', a spin-off magazine of the popular reality talent hunt show on Wednesday.

Fully funded by the two companies, the title was conceptualized by celebrity judge Simon Cowell and publishing director Natasha Sundharawipata to enhance the show's edge through a weekly music magazine.

'X' will be headed by editor Peter Robinson, who formerly worked with music news portal Robinson, initially hesitant about taking the job, said that the magazine is aimed at people who love music in general.

"Pop is so varied now and this magazine reflects that. X will speak to an entire generation of music fans who have grown up without a mainstream music magazine written in a language they understand," he said.

The magazine, which is being published by Haymarket Network, has encouraged its editorial team to be "challenging and controversial," according to Haymarket director Simon Kantle.

The weekly will at first be distributed by Frontline, solely through supermarket chain Tesco, at a cover price of £1.95.