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Chinese police apologise to news magazine for threats

Chinese police demanded that the magazine reveal their sources for a story.

Police in China have apologised to a financial news magazine after its editorial staff were threatened by some officers to reveal sources for a story, reports the Associated Press.

The editors of the respected Caijing magazine, however, did not give in to the demands of the police on Monday and stood their ground against warnings of repercussions for not cooperating. The police officers reportedly claimed that the article "undermined stability and unity".

Deputy editor Luo Changping on Tuesday said police officers later verbally apologised to the employees, promising them that no journalist will be punished for the article. He added that police were also investigating the behaviour of officers from the Chaoyang district internet monitoring department who issued the threats.

The magazine exposé published on 13 September reported the illegal detention of people seeking government redress for various grievances.

It described how a security agency, the Beijing-based Anyuanding Security and Prevention Technical Support Service, was raking in huge profits by working on behalf of local and provincial governments who did not want citizens from their jurisdictions to file complaints about them.