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Computer Weekly archive at National Museum of Computing

The archive will give researchers access to titles dating as far back as 1966 when the magazine was

Computer Weekly - the world's first weekly computer magazine - has donated back issues of 44 years to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.

The archive will give researchers visiting the museum access to 104 custom-bound volumes of the title, dating as far back as 1966 - when the magazine was launched.

The museum has also agreed with the publisher to digitise the archive, and make it available on the museum's website
Kevin Murrell, a trustee and director at the museum, said the donated back issues and associated images were a "fascinating resource" for developing its archive. He noted that these records of the UK IT industry would stimulate research and interest in "our computing heritage which has come so far so quickly."

"The early issues of Computer Weekly reflect a rather different world as computing was beginning to find its feet in business," he observed.
Those wishing to gain access to the magazine archive have to contact the museum through its website, explaining the nature and purpose of their work.