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Magazine circulation declines in the US

Time and Newsweek hardest hit as American mags perform poorly at the newsstand

The latest industry data from the Audit Bureau of Circulation shows a decline of up to 5.6 per cent in magazine newsstand sales in the US, with total circulation plummeting 2.3 per cent.

Women's magazines showed strong sales while weekly news magazines continued to lose buying customers in the first half of 2010.

Among the top gainers for the latest period are Cosmopolitan, Beautiful and People Stylewatch. Titles which faced a steep circulation decline included Rolling Stone, US Weekly and O.

The worst hit were weekly news magazines, with both Time and Newsweek losing nearly 30 per cent in single-copy sales.

The Economist's sales were down by 16.8 per cent.

Magazines have been losing circulation mainly due to readers choosing the web over print for news and entertainment, say reports.

The industry also lost nearly a quarter of advertising pages due to the recession.

However, according to the Publishers Information Bureau, advertising is likely to improve with the total number of ad pages increasing for the first time since 2007.