China Today to publish Turkish edition

Far Eastern magazine to target Turkish business circles and provide info about China to Turkey

China Today magazine will publish a Turkish edition from 1 September in major cities of Turkey, reports Xinhua.

The magazine, China Today - Turkey, will cater mostly to Turkish business circles with a focus on information about China. It aims to promote understanding and facilitate trade between the two countries.

"We believe the biggest problem for further development in the Turkish-Chinese relations is the lack of reliable sources of cultural and economic information on China," said Sadi Zengin, chief of Dijitek Group, which will publish the magazine.

The group signed an agreement in May with state-owned China International Publishing Group (CIPG) for the copyrights to three English-language magazines, including China Today, Beijing Review and China Pictorial for ten years.

China Today's Turkish edition will have 70 per cent of its content selected from the three Chinese magazines and 30 per cent contributed by Turkish journalists and analysts, the publisher said.

Dijitek will publish 10,000 copies of the magazine per issue for distribution in big bookstores and shopping malls in major cities, and aims to reach 2,000 subscribers in the first three months.