Newsweek in content sharing deal with

Premier Mag in coalition with 'distinctive' business web publication

US-based Newsweek magazine and online financial media company on Tuesday announced a content-sharing deal that will make use of both their digital content, as well as Newsweek's print edition.

According to the deal, TheStreet and MainStreet websites will provide stories for posting on, with annotations and links back to the financial sites, while Newsweek will provide content for TheStreet sites in a similar manner.

The print edition of Newsweek will also feature content from TheStreet's online pages.

Daryl Otte, CEO of said the endorsement of his publication's editorial content by a premier magazine such as Newsweek validated its distinctive style of "breaking business news coupled with actionable ideas for investors and wealthy individuals".

Newsweek CEO Tom Ascheim described the deal as "an opportunity to share quality branded content".

Industry news-magazine Folio reports that a revenue-sharing aspect is presumed to be included in the deal, although details weren't disclosed by the two companies.