Harper's Magazine names first woman editor

Rosenbush breaks 160-year old tradition of male leadership at top magazine

The 160-year old American magazine of literature and journalism, Harper's Magazine, appointed its first woman editor, Ellen Rosenbush, on Monday.

She had been acting editor of Harper's since 1 February, and managing editor from 1989 to 2010.

In announcing Rosenbush's appointment, president and publisher John R MacArthur praised her editorial skills, adding that Harper's "has always been a writers' magazine and a readers' magazine", and that she specialises in understanding the needs of both.

Previously, Rosenbush was managing editor at Connoisseur magazine, copy chief at GEO magazine and New Times Magazine.

She is the fourteenth editor of Harper's, which has published works by an array of distinguished writers and thinkers such as Mark Twain, Norman Mailer, Slavoj Zizek and even Winston Churchill, among others.