Newsagent fined for displaying porn mags in bottom shelf

Scottish newsagent fined £53 after schoolchildren tipped off police.

A newsagent in Scotland was fined £53 for displaying pornographic magazines on the bottom shelf at the eye level of children.

On a tip-off by school children, police visited the agent's shop and took away the magazines as evidence, after charging him for inappropriate display.

It is the first time in ten years that anyone has been fined for the Indecent Displays (Control) Act 1981 in the UK.

The newsagent, however, claimed he was rearranging the shop when the children visited. The magazines were in a corner, away from the children, he maintained, saying that he usually displayed the magazines on the top shelf.

Front Page Campaign, a UK charity that fights against the early sexualisation of children by the media, said the fine was inadequate and does not deter other stores from doing the same.

The charity's founder Amy King said the media was also playing a big part in exposing children to sex early in their lives.