Magazine offers scratch-and-sniff cover

Editor of Sactown claims it is the first magazine cover of its kind.

Sactown, a bimonthly magazine covering Sacramento, is giving readers a small taste of the capital of California famous for its oranges.

The magazine's second annual Best of the City issue for June/July highlights a mandarin orange festival. Its cover has an image of an orange slice, which gives off a cool citrus smell when rubbed or scratched.

Quad/Graphics, which prints the magazine, came up with the technical idea for around $2,000. Sactown ordered three pounds of the orange-smelling coating for 51,000 copies.

Rob Turner, Sactown's co-editor, said it "might be the first scratch 'n' sniff on the cover of a magazine, ever."

Turner owns and edits the magazine launched 2006 with his wife, Elyssa Lee. The current issue also includes info on scenic hikes and skating rinks.

Magazine advertisers have long used the scratch and sniff technology for ads such as those of perfumes and fragrances, but it was never tried on a cover before.