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US teen on month-long experiment with Seventeen mag's advice

Keiles said she found the magazine's advice to its readers ridiculous and decided to find out how it

Jamie Keiles, a teenager in Pennsylvania, is on a month-long experiment to prove how inappropriate the fashion and lifestyle advice provided by the US teenage magazine Seventeen is, the Vancouver Sun reported on Thursday.

As part of her The Seventeen Magazine Project, she is wearing socks with shorts and high heels to the mall and has painted her nails a bright hue that the magazine said would fix a bad mood.

Now two weeks into the project, she is following every other beauty, fashion, diet, activity and lifestyle advice in the magazine including getting her eyebrows waxed and trying out a new hairdo.

On her blog, Keiles said her insights highlight the fact that some of the teens are smart enough to not follow whatever advice and tips that such teen magazines dispense.