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Actor's advice to 'cut ex's face' in Zoo mag sparks controversy

Danny Dyer's answer to a reader's question has sparked off a severe backlash from domestic violence

In the agony uncle column titled "Ask Danny" in the latest issue of the lads magazine, a reader named Alex sought Dyer's suggestion on getting over a split with his girlfriend. The actor told the reader to "cut his ex-girlfriend's face so no other man would want her".

Twitter users posted angry comments after reading Dyer's words. On Thursday, the magazine issued an apology saying it was an extremely regrettable production error. Activists and celebrities who fight against family violence have slammed Dyer's answer which was supposed to be a 'joke'.

Sandra Horley, chief executive of domestic violence charity Refuge said there was nothing light-hearted about the issue. "I doubt that the family of Amy Leigh Barnes would find his [Dyer's] 'joke' amusing. She was killed by an ex boyfriend who slashed her face and left her for dead." Zoo editor Tom Etherington apologised for the error and promised a donation to Women's Aid charity.