Health food mag fattens up thin cover model

Cover picture retouched because the model appeared too thin.

British health magazine Healthy is facing criticism after digitally altering the image of thin cover model Kamilla Wladyka to make her appear fuller-figured.

Vitamin manufacturer Holland and Barrett, one of the world's leading health brands, "retouched" the picture for the April issue of its customer magazine. It added about 15 to 20 kilograms to the model's body shape because she was thought to be too thin in real life.

The matter is expected to revive the debate over the "size-zero" culture within the magazine industry. The airbrushed photo was probably in response to the backlash against criticism that the media promotes an unhealthy body image.

Details of the episode were revealed during a debate on the issue of retouching, hosted by Leni's Model Management agency. The editor of Healthy, Jane Druker, admitted that Wladyka was so thin, her image had to be digitally retouched before putting it on the cover.

Holland & Barrett declined to comment on the issue.