Time magazine appoints Brendan Ripp as new publisher

Time Inc. President Mark Ford expressed his confidence that Ripp's new role will enhance the company

The Time magazine has appointed Brendan Ripp, vice-president of ad sales, as the new publisher of the magazine. He will also supervise digital ad sales for Time.com and Life.com.

Time Inc. President Mark Ford announced Ripp's appointment in an official memo on Tuesday. He expressed confidence that Ripp's new role and the closer collaboration between print and digital will enhance the parent company's ad sales.

Since Ripp took over as the vice-president of sales last year, Time's share of market has increased while growing both the Person of the Year and TIME 100 annuity programs, the memo from Ford said.

It added that Time.com had 9.8 million visitors last month. In the one year since the launch of Life.com, the site has reached 3.4 million unique and launched a mobile app with nearly 200,000 downloads.