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Wired's iPad app cheaper than print version

Magazine's new iPad app £1 cheaper than print edition

The Wired magazine on Wednesday launched its iPad app that is cheaper than the print edition by £1.

The app, which features the June edition of the US technology magazine, costs £2.99 and is a 526MB download.

The iPad version of the magazine has all the content of the print edition as well as additional audio clips, videos and animated infographics. It even works without a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, the company said.

In the Toy Story 3 cover story of the Wired's magazine's June edition, the readers can see frames from the movie. Similarly, a story about US musician Trent Reznor features short sound clips from his current project.

The ads in the app are also interactive. An advertisement for Olympus Pen camera features a slideshow of images shot with the camera.