Newsweek website goes for minimalist look

The Washington Post has put up Newsweek for sale, but that has not stopped the American weekly news

Editor Mark Miller has said the new lighter website design will be oriented towards simplicity and clarity, and focus on the current news events of the world. It will give the reader useful new information as well as well-informed opinion and analysis, he added.

The Newsweek website now sports a much cleaner and uncluttered look than earlier. It includes a breaking news story updated throughout the day, a content stream similar to a blog, online commentary from across the web and simpler navigational tools. The site has also added new commenting and sharing features.

Newsweek is also going to release a paid iPad app next week.

Earlier this month, Newsweek's chairman Donald E Graham said despite all efforts on the part of the management and staff, the magazine will still lose money in 2010.