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Former Fortune editors to launch new tech media business

Three former editors and writers to form Techonomy, a new media business for technology.

Three former Fortune magazine editors and writers - David Kirkpatrick, Peter Petre and Brent Schlender - have come together to form Techonomy, a new media business magazine for technology.

Techonomy will be a mix of original reporting, comment and aggregated content, the trio said. It will combine publishing, teaching, consulting and partnerships, and organise activities related to the invention, development and consumption of technology goods and services.

The team plans to launch the new business in August with a conference in California. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, Google's chief executive officer Eric Schmidt and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman are expected to attend the conference.

Kirkpatrick was the senior internet and technology editor of Fortune while Petre was its executive editor. Schlender served as a foreign correspondent for the business magazine published by the Time group.