Nuts magazine goes 3D

Following the example of Playboy, the lads' mag has moved into 3D.

The Nuts magazine has released its first 3D edition this week, along with a set of free spectacles which allow readers to view the issue.

The UK lads magazine has 20 pages besides the cover page in the 3D format. Earlier this week, adult entertainment magazine Playboy also featured a similar cover.

Editor Dominic Smith said the interest in 3D has significantly increased after Hollywood movies such as 'Avatar' and 'Clash of the Titans' turned out to be blockbusters.

He said the magazine was proud to bring Hollywood to the UK weekly men's lifestyle market for the first time.

The current issue with 3D specials also features write-ups on car journalist Jeremy Clarkson, and television presenters Richard Hammond and James May in wetsuits.