Experimental 48 Hour mag's first issue due this week

On-demand magazine billing itself as a "raucous experiment" to launch this week.

An experimental magazine, called 48 Hour, which bills itself as "a raucous experiment in using new tools to erase media's old limits," will launch its "issue zero" this week.

The on-demand magazine will unveil a theme on May 7, and all interested writers around the world will have 24 hours to produce and submit their work. The editing and designing of their output will finish in a further 24 hours and the issue sent to press.

"The end results will be a shiny website and a beautiful glossy paper magazine, delivered right to your old-fashioned mailbox," the company promises.

48 Hour has not yet stated when and where its copies will be distributed and when the next issue will be published. It is likely to be sold at a "slight mark-up over the production cost," according to the management.