Wired mag sells 24,000 iPad apps in one day

Analysts estimate magazine earned $83,832 in one day.

About 24,000 copies of Wired magazine's iPad app were sold in just 24 hours, the US technology magazine's New York bureau chief John Abell revealed on Thursday.

The figure is rare for a digital magazine. Men's magazine GQ, also brought out by Wired's publisher Conde Nast, has sold only 57,000 copies of its iPhone and iPad apps together over the past six months.

Analysts estimate that the technology monthly has earned $83,832 in one day, after iPad manufacturer Apple collected its royalties.

The record sales came in despite a large half-gigabyte download and a relatively high price of the digital edition of the magazine.

The iPad edition sales are also counted as part of the company's regular circulation. Users can expect a lot more from the app, Abell hinted.
The magazine app costs $4.99 and a new app will appear every month.