Leeds University student mag banned for publishing derogatory quote

British college magazine Leeds Student was removed from the University of Leeds campus on Wednesday.

The Student's Union ordered a ban on the distribution of the 30 April issue which carried the quote. The student magazine published every Friday carried an interview with Sameh Habeeb, owner of the Palestine Telegraph, in which he said that mainstream media organisations have a hidden agenda. "They are certainly pro-Israeli. I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media," he said.

Jak Codd, communications and internal affairs officer of the Leeds University Union and a member of the Jewish Society at the university, protested against the article and asked for a ban on the distribution of the magazine.

The Palestine Telegraph, Gaza's only online newspaper, said in an editorial that it appeared clear Codd does not agree with a free press. The comments, the newspaper said, were stated within a feature and attributed to Habeeb. More than 700 Facebook members have protested against the union's decision to censor the issue.