Playboy plans 'safe-for-work' site

Launch date not specified.

Playboy magazine, famous for its nudes, plans to launch a website called which people can browse in their offices without fear of pornographic content. The company says it will be a "safe-for-work" website which is expected to focus more on articles and tone down the content that many readers may find offensive in a corporate atmosphere.

Playboy's move seems to be a response to the increasing competition from men's magazines such as Maxim and GQ and the widespread availability of pornography online which, however, is inaccessible from offices.

A launch date has not been specified for the new site which claims to offer "everything you love about men's entertainment and the internet - minus the stuff that'll get you into hot water at the office!"

Recently, Playboy succeeded in getting its iPhone application approved by Apple, which is known for its strict censorship of sexually explicit content.