Chinese business mag penalised by state regulator

Business Watch ordered to stop publication of May issue.

China's media regulator, the General Administration of Press and Publication, has ordered the country's Business Watch magazine to stop the publication of its May issue after it carried a report criticising the State Grid Corporation of China.

The regulator found that the report titled "State Grid Empire" in the 5 March issue of the publication violated "publicity discipline" and disclosed information intended only for the internal use of authorities.

The 25,000-word article accused the power company of actively pursuing markets in power-equipment production which could, it warned, lead to a monopoly and surplus productivity. The report also said the tendering process of the company was unfair.

Lawmakers in China criticised the State Grid Corporation after the article was published. The magazine has however accepted the suspension order and issued a public apology on its website. It admitted that the report was inaccurate and damaged the business privacy rights of the concerned parties.