Experimental issue of Inc magazine, created remotely

The 6 April experimental issue of the US monthly business magazine has been created out of office by

The idea of working remotely was suggested by Inc's senior writer Max Chafkin while researching for the article "The Office Is Dead. Long Live the Office" meant for the magazine's April issue.

In February, about 30 members of the Inc staff, including editors, reporters and producers, did not step into the office. They instead worked from their own locations using communicative internet tools such as Skype and instant messaging.

Away from the office, some staff members said they struggled to find ways to separate work from children. Chafkin admitted he missed his colleagues and had worked for more than the usual number of hours for the special work-from-home issue.

Most employees agreed they could and should work out of the office more often, though they did not want to eliminate the office entirely.