Big Issue to launch in Taiwan

The Big Issue magazine has announced it is launching a Taiwanese edition on 1 April.

The weekly street magazine, published in eight countries, is written by professional journalists and sold by homeless individuals.

One of the UK's leading social businesses, the biweekly helps homeless people earn a living by selling the publication. It is distributed to homeless workers, who sell copies outside the metro stations. So far, the weekly has helped over 10,000 homeless people in the UK.

In Taiwan, it will be sold at NT$100. For each magazine the homeless people sell, they can earn NT$50, according to Big Issue's editor-in-chief Li Chu-chung.

The Taiwanese edition will initially be published as a monthly and later turn into a biweekly. It is aimed at the young reader and would focus on fashion and technology.

On 1 April, Taiwan's homeless people will sell the first issue at 29 metro stations in Taipei. The magazine will also be available at supermarket stores all over the country.