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Newsweek Russia editor in sex and drug abuse video

Mikhail Fishman has been caught on tape using cocaine and in the company of prostitutes.

The video Fishman sitting in a Moscow apartment and sniffing a white powder with a semi-nude woman in the background. The video footage of the award-winning journalist is being seen as an attempt to malign those journalists who are opposed to the Russian government, according to the US news website Daily Beast.

Youth activist Ilya Yashin and political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin, who had also disagreed with the current government under President Dmitry Medvedev, were caught in similar videos recently. There have been rumours that the Kremlin set this up as smear campaign against its opposition.

Yashin, a member of the Russian opposition, has written in a blog that he recognised the apartment where the Fishman video was shot and claimed he could identify the girl with Fishman. Yashin wrote that he had been lured there and when one of the girls asked him to sniff cocaine and relax, he walked out.