Ban lads' magazines to prevent "pornification" of society, says report

A report commissioned by the Home Office has asked for a crackdown on shows, magazines and billboard

The report by psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos says that airbrushed images and billboard nudity contribute to 'sexualisation' of children. This compels boys to project a macho image and think of women as sexual objects. It also forces girls to appear sexually available.

Dr Papadopoulos made 36 recommendations, including making some lad magazines inaccessible to children in retail stores and a display of ratings on digitally altered photographs to show the extent of alteration.

The report asked local authorities to check on sexist and stereotypical outdoor advertisements, limiting sexually explicit music videos during primetime and parental control on game consoles.

Dr Linda's report further suggests a ban on escort agencies, lap-dancing clubs, massage parlours and television sex channels from advertising vacancies in job centres.