TV presenter slams magazine’s paparazzi coverage

The Television New Zealand presenter Alison Mau has slammed the editor of Woman’s Day magazine for h

On TV One's morning show Breakfast, Mau addressed the coverage while reviewing the weekly New Zealand gossip magazines. Holding up the latest issue of Woman's Day magazine and talking about the story titled "Alison Mau's sleepover", she asked when the magazine's editor Sarah Henry would leave her family alone.

According to a report in the Herald on Sunday last week, Mau had begun a relationship with a female Auckland dance teacher. The Woman's Day story featured a photograph of a casually attired Mau carrying three cups of takeaway coffee. The caption read as: "After spending the night with her dancer mate, the TV star steps out to grab supplies for breakfast."

Mau said, "That's me, you can see there are three cups, that's a flat white for me and a hot chocolate for each of my children on that occasion. In my mind, that's a gross intrusion of our privacy and frankly, more than a little creepy."

ACP Media, the publisher of the magazine, denied Mau's claims. Woman's Day is reportedly Australia's largest selling women's weekly.