Children explore agriculture through Ag Mag

The North Dakota Agriculture Magazine, Ag Mag has brought young students closer to understanding agr

Students get a chance to learn about agriculture-related business and distribution, by reading Ag Mag, which was created at North Dakota State University to keep them aware of agricultural activities within the region. Published since the mid-1990s, the Ag Mag is a free subscription for schools. More than 30 teachers have incorporated the magazine into their curriculum in the Bismarck area.

Teachers find the magazine to be particularly useful, since it helps in conducting many activities such as science experiments and math problems.
Aimed at third to fifth-grade students, the magazine copies along with a teacher's guide, help in providing more activities based on real life.

Each issue has a section called "Career Corner" where a person in the industry is interviewed and shows kids what it is like to work within the agriculture industry.