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What does England want?

24 - 30 April



Robert Tombs on how England's past moulds its future.

The Economics Essay: Robert Skidelsky on George Osborne's cunning plan.

Leader: The status quo cannot hold.



Elif Shafak remembers the Armenian Genocide, 100 years on.

Phillip Blond on Blue Labour.

Kate Mossman speaks to Bruce Hornsby.



Simon Heffer: Tory MPs remain very confident. Are they seeing things that are hidden from the pollsters?

The Diary: Sylvie Bermann on her phantom chat with Nicola Sturgeon.

George Eaton: Even if Miliband is a second-placed prime minister, it would still be a victory for Labour to savour.

Suzanne Moore: I couldn't say no when Greville Janner asked me to tea.

Will Self: Orkney - where the coastguard run amok in the cathedral and the Stinking Rich are reburied outside.


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