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The British jihadis fighting for Isis
31 October - 6 November 2014

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“By the time you read this, I will be in Syria”

Radicalisation expert Shiraz Maher speaks to British jihadis who have joined Isis

Special report: George Eaton on Labour’s Scotland problem

Margaret Atwood on ageing baby boomers, generational inequality, and women writers

Life before the NHS: a 91-year-old war hero recalls the bad old days

Still awaiting the green moment: Tim Wigmore meets Caroline Lucas

Desmond Cohen: how the west made the ebola crisis worse

Dorian Lynskey on the Godlike David Icke’s Wembley Arena show



Lucy Hughes-Hallett on the Young Stalin: can we ever unravel the mind of the tyrant?

Art critic Craig Raine on Egon Schiele’s radical nudes

TV critic Rachel Cooke: with The Missing, the BBC squares up to Broadchurch

Melanie McDonagh on Hallowe’en and the commercial hijacking of our calendar



Helen Lewis: why your friends could be making you fat

On Location in Plymouth: Will Self enjoys the Devonian capital’s derring-do

Kevin Maguire’s Commons Confidential: defibrillators for aged peers, why David Miliband feels fraternal pity - and the Tory hopes pinned on Rupert Harrison

Peter Wilby on the real cost of Afghanistan, Tony Benn’s will and Robert Harris’s vicarage



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