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Summer double issue

31 July - 13 August





Jeremy Corbyn talks to Jason Cowley about the EU, Nato, Greece and whether he would quit if he won the Labour leadership.

The Leader: Labour MPs are at war with their own party members.

John Gray: What Hayek got right - and what he got wrong.

Stephen Bush on the hidden influence of Blair and Brown on Labour's leadership election.



Rowan Williams reflects on violence and religion as inevitable consequences of human nature.

An exclusive short story by Jeanette Winterson, a poem by Clive James, and friends of the NS nominate books that every 16-year-old should read.

Olivia Laing is beguiled by William Finnegan’s description of his obsession with surfing

Richard Mabey delves into the English love of gardening

Christopher Frayling examines the politics of the James Bond villain

Kate Mossman marvels at the fad for “mindful” colouring books



Laurie Penny returns from America with a weekly column.

John Bew wonders whether Jeremy Corbyn is really the heir to Clement Attlee.

Peter Wilby on errant lords, stroppy seagulls and glass floors

George Walden on oligarchs, Harriet Harman and road trips

Helen Lewis asks if we’ve lost our appetite for sex scandals

Ed Smith reflects on the enduring fascination of the Bloomsbury set




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