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Isis can be beaten
17 - 23 October 2014

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John Simpson in Baghdad: Islamic State can be beaten

The Great Ebola Scare: why we must stem the panic in Europe.
By Michael Brooks

Howard Jacobson: What makes us human?

Sophie McBain meets the 84-year-old psychologist Walter Mischel, inventor of the marshmallow test

Jessica Thatcher on plans to help cities
such as Nairobi beat gridlock using ski lifts

Leo Johnson rallies his north London neighbours
for a spot of civic-minded winemaking

Ian Steadman on the Mars One project
and the dangers facing the first colonists



Erica Wagner meets Ken Burns, the US pioneer of long-form television

Melissa Benn reviews two books on the
politics of primary education

Our TV critic, Rachel Cooke: not even a priapic
Pepys can save ITV’s Great Fire

Angels and whores: Michael Prodger on the
unsettling work of the artist Paula Rego



“The best of times, the worst of times” A guest column by US ambassador Matthew Barzun

George Eaton: Labour might not be at war with itself, but Ed Miliband desperately needs to inspire his supporters

Helen Lewis: internet trolls thrive on fiction, not facts

Felix Martin on the coming age of mediocrity in the eurozone

Peter Wilby: why TV debates are the best
way to decide the next election

Kevin Maguire’s Commons Confidential: Paul O’Grady,
David Cameron, and a stolen kiss at the Pride of Britain Awards



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