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Rise of the insurgents
28 November - 4 December 2014

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Charles Bremner profiles Marine Le Pen – the woman who has brought France’s Front National into the mainstream

A Miliband loyalist fights back: Rachel Reeves blasts fellow Labour MPs for talking to the press anonymously and explains why Tory MPs apologised to her

Margaret Hodge, chair of the public accounts committee, on Ukip, Labour’s election strategy and why “Ed Miliband needs to relax”

Anoosh Chakelian: A report from the marginal seat of Thurrock in Essex

Tim Wigmore explores the background to the rise of the far left
and the far right in Europe



The historian John Bew on Attlee, Beveridge, social reform and the importance
of the East End to Toynbee Hall

Clive James offers a new poem about Julia Gillard, the former
prime minister of Australia

Lit Down Under: Leo Robson on a new novel about Australian identity by the double Booker-winner Peter Carey

Tim Walker: Confessions of London’s most dangerous man

Critics lead: Erica Wagner on the eccentric pioneers of the study of sex

Cory Doctorow praises Amanda Palmer’s manifesto for artists in the digital age

Our film critic Ryan Gilbey gives in to the scuzzy appeal of Bill Murray in St Vincent

In Books: Yo Zushi on a cultural history of Chinaphobia; William Dalrymple revisits Patrick Leigh Fermor’s audacious wartime adventures; Zachary Karabell enjoys Ziauddin Sardar’s heartfelt biography of Mecca; and Sarah Churchwell appraises the return of an American legend, Richard Ford’s Frank Bascombe



Helen Lewis wonders whether Anonymous activism can work

Ed Smith reflects on the risks and rewards of the sporting life

Science: Michael Brooks explores the worlds of dark energy and dark matter



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