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The end of the red-top era?
11-17 July 2014

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Rupert’s red top: the rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks. By Peter Jukes

What makes us human? Asks William Boyd

Leading article: without a two-state solution, Israel is set on a course of war

Adam Tomkins on the rise of the centre right in Scotland

Yvette Cooper’s fight against abuse of women

Darius Guppy: Iranian culture is the antidote to both Wahhabi Islam and western capitalism

Kate Mossman meets Pete Larson, the palaeontologist once charged with stealing a T rex



Owen Jones: the left needs a radical agenda to rival Thatcher’s

John Gray on the resurrection of Stefan Zweig, literary exile

Pixel perfect: Helen Lewis on the digital revolution in art

Melissa Benn on Laurie Penny and the new feminist pessimism



Peter Wilby on a very British “cover-up”, the pathetic truth about the Isis crisis and the Tour de France in Epping

Laurie Penny: will the victims of child sex abuse ever get justice – or just another cover-up?

George Eaton: Labour has to be clear that money for the NHS will lead to cuts elsewhere

Jonathan Wilson: In a World Cup of brilliant individuals, Germany played the ultimate team game

Real Meals: Will Self considers the crumb, the humble food particle that contains a universe



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