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Our Island Story
18-24 July 2014


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Our Island Story: The historian Tom Holland on the long journey to Anglo-Scottish union

Anthony Barnett: the Emergency Surveillance Bill is about power, control and policing – not protection

David Selbourne: with socialism defeated, the left must replace self-regarding libertarianism with a sense of civic belonging

John Bew: “Philip Hammond's appointment as Foreign Secretary is a triumph for capable functionaries and Little Englanders”

Tim Wigmore on the link between East Anglia’s failing schools and high Ukip support



From Pasternak and Joyce to Rushdie: Leo Robson on literary censorship

Vivienne Westwood on fracking, Julian Assange's fashion sense, and campaigning with Pamela Anderson

Our pop critic Kate Mossman on Eminem at Wembley and Morrissey’s new album

Caroline Crampton at the Proms: Military music and anthems for doomed youth

Philip Maughan on the rediscovery of Breece D’J Pancake, a “hillbilly” from the US coal belt with a precious talent



George Eaton: What's Cameron for, apart from winning?

Mehdi Hasan: the assault on Gaza has been a humanitarian disaster, yet the west's staunch support for Israel continues

Leader: The Cameroon dream fades as the new right continues to rise

Jonathan Wilson in Brazil: After the World Cup final, the streets of Copacabana ran with urine and the bars ran out of beer

Laurie Penny: The Great English Novel is dead. Long live upstart fiction online

Michael Brooks explores how men’s brains change when they look after babies



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