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A century of meddling in the Middle East
15 - 21 August 2014


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Cover story: a century of meddling in the Middle East . . . From Sykes-Picot to the rise of Isis. By John Bew

Glenda Jackson: “Britain is in danger of being governed by pensioners like me. I don’t think that’s the best way forward”

The NS essay: research shows that those who are slightly overweight live longer. Is it time to rethink our diets? Asks Julian Baggini

Noreena Hertz: irrationality is one of the chief human virtues

Leader: we have a responsibility to protect the Yazidis of Iraq

Bradford: the synagogue at the heart of an “Israel-free zone”

Technology: Lucy Fisher meets Labour’s latest election weapon – Matthew Mcgregor, digital campaigner



George Monbiot argues it’s time to start “rewilding” Britain

Shrinking horizons: Lisa Appignanesi asks whether science can offer convincing new answers to mental illness

Yo Zushi explores Hollywood’s nightmare industry

Philip Hoare is uplifted by the story of a life saved by falconry

Stuart Maconie charts the history of that great German export, “Krautrock”

“Song” a new poem by the Forward Prize-winning poet Emily Berry



George Eaton: the Conservatives’ lack of discipline is a symptom of their unresolved identity crisis

Laurie Penny supports the “white knights” brave enough to defend women

Peter Wilby on the Inglorious Twelfth, a Yorkshire Labour man and strikers

Ed Smith wanders the streets of the new, improved King’s Cross – an urban utopia


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