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Why Britain and Germany aren’t natural enemies
24 - 30 October 2014

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Brendan Simms: What the Battle Of Waterloo teaches us about Anglo-German relations

Will Self: Labour peers are a “walking solecism” and should leave the House of Lords

Naomi Klein on motherhood and climate change: “I write about getting off fossil fuels and then I play with my son’s trucks”

Helen Lewis meets Tim Minchin, satirist-turned-superstar

Ian Steadman talks to the venture capitalist Peter Thiel about dreaming big



The strong grown weak: John Bew reviews World Order, Henry Kissinger’s “clarion call to the west”

“Mad” Tracey Emin v “Hollywood” Steve Mcqueen: Mark Lawson on a rematch of the old Turner Prize rivals

Books: John Gray on the disturbing moral universe of the pioneering American horror writer H P Lovecraft

Public art and personal stories: William Cook on Gillian Wearing’s A Real Birmingham Family

Let there be light: the NS film critic, Ryan Gilbey, on Mr Turner and Effie Gray

Pediment stroking and melodrama: Rachel Cooke reviews the BBC’s Gothic art and architecture season



Mehdi Hasan: western progressives should back brave Kurds

George Eaton: David Cameron’s new immigration pitch could spell doom for the Tories

Kevin Maguire’s Commons Confidential: rumours of a safe seat for Euan Blair – and the Ukip interloper on the front bench 

Peter Wilby on inequality, “long reads” and statistics, in his weekly First Thoughts

Ed Smith finds that when sport rises to an art, it goes beyond competition



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