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Scotland: what next?
19 - 25 September 2014

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Scotland: what next?

Jason Cowley writes from Edinburgh

New Statesman leader: after the referendum

Steve Richards compares Labour’s triumphalism
in 1996 with the mood today

Francis Beckett on the rise and fall of
Neil Kinnock, the man who saved Labour

Sophie McBain meets the scientists and tech
entrepreneurs preparing for the apocalypse

Martin Rowson: the cartoonist takes a
satirical swipe at the coalition’s progress

Letter from Kinshasa: Michael Barrett wonders how
countries should memorialise their colonial past

Philip Maughan discovers “the plumbers of the internet”



Erica Wagner visits Norway to discover what
Ibsen can tell us about 21st-century life

Steven Poole finds Naomi Klein’s book on
climate change veers into mumbo-jumbo

The NS critic at large Mark Lawson explores major
new exhibitions of work by Turner and Constable

Ryan Gilbey: If only the lads of The Riot Club were a little less revolting

Melissa Benn reviews Jacqueline Rose’s Women in Dark Times and
Jad Adams’s Women and the Vote

Antonia Quirke: How our nation got addicted to painkillers – me included

Rachel Cooke: Sherdian Smith’s Cilla Black TV biopic is perky but prosaic




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