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The great British vote-off

17 - 23 April


2015 General Election Special
Featuring Armando Iannucci, Mark Damazer, Laurie Penny,
Anthony Seldon, Chuka Umunna, the NS Bluffer's Guide to the election and the latest election forecasts from our sister site May2015

An exclusive interview with the shadow business secretary, Chuka Umunna, by the NS political editor, George Eaton

Armando Iannucci writes that May's election could be the start of a very British revolution

Mark Damazer offers a defence of party politics

Laurie Penny: There might not be much to vote for, but there's plenty to vote against

The Bluffer's Guide to the Election, featuring predictions from May2015

Simon Wren-Lewis on the threat of Austerity Mark II

General election clerihews by Craig Brown



Rachel Cooke on not having kids

Anthony Seldon argues that Ed Miliband could shine as prime minister

Joe Moran admires Joanna Biggs’s account of Britain at work

Leo Robson on Hitchcock’s journey from lowbrow entertainer to cultural icon

Ryan Gilbey on David Mamet's slide into right-wing politics

Antonia Quirke on the real-life DJ who inspired Good Morning Vietnam

Lionel Shriver thinks Toni Morrison has picked the wrong subject in God Help the Child



George Eaton on why the maths still favours Labour

Laurie Penny urges everyone to vote, even if they don’t want to

Peter Wilby on inheritance tax, Monopoly and right-to-buy

Will Self: At 30,000 feet there's no privacy. Seat-back screens allow your fellow passengers to know everything you're thinking


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