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Crisis Europe

3 - 9 July



Brendan Simms: Why we need a British Europe rather than a European Britain.

George Eaton meets Shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie.

Mark Cocker investigates who is killing Britain’s birds of prey.



Helen Lewis on Richard Desmond.

Adam LeBor: Five books on living, working and dying in Palestine.

Lucy Hughes-Hallett on Genghis Khan and Saladin - the men who invented global terror.

Kate Mossman on Amy Winehouse and Brian Wilson.

John Simpson on Emma Sky’s memoir of working with the US military high command in Iraq.

Joanna Walsh on the beguiling fiction of Nell Zink.

Ryan Gilbey reviews Dear White People, a bold portrait of race in America.

Rachel Cooke discovers how Joseph Cornell travelled the world without leaving New York State.



Owen Jones: The European elites are determined to stop the revolt against austerity in Greece from spreading.

Simon Wren-Lewis: The Greek people have paid for their governments' mistakes.

Helen Lewis: When is a terrorist not a terrorist?

George Eaton: As George Osborne prepares further austerity, the crisis in Europe has come to his aid again.

Suzanne Moore: A man with a ponytail appeared with a bucket, a tube and some Vaseline. It was time for my colonics.



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