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Is Christianity doomed in the Middle East?
23 - 29 January


Gerard Russell argues that Islamic extremism, civil war, violence and economics are driving Christians from the Middle East

Matthew Engel on the art of political betting

The Webb Trust Essay: the 2014 winner, Adam Ludlow, asks how business can reduce poverty

Philip Maughan explores E M Forster’s “unfilmable” work



Helen Lewis interviews Alex Garland, the writer and director of Ex Machina

David Reynolds on the return of big history

Robert Webb on the posthumously published memoir by Kate Gross





John Simpson on the upcoming Nigerian elections and Boko Haram

The Diary this week comes from the French ambassador to the UK, Sylvie Bermann, who writes on life after the Paris attacks

The Politics ColumnGeorge Eaton argues that clear differences exist between Labour and the Tories – despite the claim that they are “the same”

Michael Brooks: could ketamine stop suicides?



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