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Summer Double Issue
25 July - 7 August 2014


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Tom Watson: shadow cabinet cowards should back Miliband or step down – and why i felt sorry for Andy Coulson

John Simpson on Boko Haram and Nigeria’s lost girls

Stilettos and hijabs: Ramita Navai on Iran’s sexual revolution

Michael Kenny and IPPR’s Nick Pearce: populism is driving us into a post-democratic era in politics

Oliver Bullough: how evangelical faith groups could change the outcome of the next election

Hacks in the dock: Duncan Campbell’s history of jailed journalists

John Lloyd, QI creator, on why laughter makes us human

Uri Dromi: Why Israel should invest in Gaza and offer its people economic hope



Rage against embarrassment: Rowan Williams on Dylan Thomas and teenage memories

Two new poems by Clive James: “Nature programme” and “The emperor’s last words”

“Strong Man”, a new short story by Helen Simpson

Frances Wilson: Caitlin Moran’s first novel should be renamed How to Make a Fast Buck

Philip Maughan meets Geoff Dyer, the genre-smashing writer and great critic of academics

Michael Prodger on Picasso, Matisse, Montmartre and modernism

“Peace”, a First World War archive poem by Robert Graves



Laurie Penny on Gaza: It’s not anti-Semitic to say “not in my name”

Jeremy Bowen: a visit to Gaza’s hospitals shows that the Palestinians are suffering more

George Eaton: why Labour fears victory as much as defeat

Jacqui Smith’s Diary: all-women shortlists and the joy of summer caravanning

Peter Wilby on Tulisa and the “fake sheikh” and why Gove had to go

On Location: Will Self on why visits to Florence will always be a smack in the face

Tom Clark: Why Labour is fast losing the argument on welfare reform

Commons Confidential: Kevin Maguire shares his latest Westminster gossip



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