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Russia vs the West
27 February - 5 March



Cover Story: Elizabeth Pond on the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Phil Whitaker explains how Labour broke the NHS – and why Labour must fix it

Iain Dale: If we have the best health service in the world, why are our survival rates so poor?

Letter from New York: A new generation of activists finds tactics to halt brutality within the NYPD



Erica Wagner talks to Ali Smith about Scotland, politics and the state of fiction

Helen Lewis on the rise and fall of John Galliano and Alexander McQueen

Kate Mossman on Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band

John Bew goes in search of secrets of the Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal

Neel Mukherjee on the Murty Classical Library of India

Leo Robson on the art of detective fiction

Rachel Cooke looks back on the BBC’s troubled relationship with Margaret Thatcher

The NS Poem: “Happiness” by Blake Morrison



Peter Oborne on the response to his resignation from the Daily Telegraph

The Politics Column: George Eaton writes that it’s still too soon to write off Ukip

First Thoughts: Peter Wilby on the credulity of Straw and Rifkind

Suzanne Moore: Having failed to get hold of Ringo Starr’s tonsils, I tried to make some cash out of John Lennon instead

Will Self: If there’s one thing young people detest in their elders, it’s the urinous tang of hypocrisy

David Lipsey wonders what happened to the dream of a classless society

Anthony Barnett on the spirit of Magna Carta


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