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The deep roots of Isis
21 - 27 November 2014

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Karen Armstrong on Wahhabism - how Saudi Arabia’s extreme form of Islam led to the rise of jihad in the Middle East

Special report on prostitution: Lucy Fisher meets the male punters who believe it is their ‘right’ to buy sex

Anoosh Chakelian: how the Labour safe seat of Holborn and St Pancras became a Green target

Sophie McBain meets the convention-defying surgeon, writer and indie-rock lover Atul Gawande

Letter from Kosovo: Melanie McDonagh reports from Pristina on the country’s constitutional and economic crisis



Books special: Simon Heffer on a glut of Waterloo histories

Fiction’s religious turn: Philip Maughan on the novelists challenging the New Atheist consensus

NS Critic Mark Lawson on TV’s Amazon age: why conventional broadcasting is as fragile as a house of cards



Jeremy Bowen’s Syria Notebook: How Bashar al-Assad looks more comfortable than ever – and why I tweet pictures of food from warzones

Former Europhile Mehdi Hasan turns against the EU: “We were wrong then, let’s not be wrong now”

George Eaton on the political advantages of minority government and the possibility of a second election in 2015

Football agent Jon Holmes: Fifa is now plumbing new depths of comic-book villainy

Helen Lewis on Blackfish, human arrogance and the horrors of the marine amusement park


Will Self laments losing his library libido on a visit to the Bibliothèque Nationale

Drink critic Nina Caplan: how I overcame my fear of the absinthe fairy

Commons Confidential: Kevin Maguire shares his latest gossip from Westminster



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