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A man stabbed at Notting Hill Carnival in 2011.
Teens fleeing warzones are fuelling violent crime in London, youth crime summit warned
By Lucy Fisher - 22 July 16:12

The risk posed by traumatised asylum seekers was one of many themes identified at Labour's Youth Crime Summit in London today. 

135,000 FGM survivors in the UK, says new study
By Lucy Fisher - 22 July 10:45

The number of female genital mutilation survivors in the UK is double the official NHS estimate, according to a new report.

Pro-Russia rebels driving a tank through Donetsk today as international tensions increase over access to the MH17 crash site.
David Cameron: Russia faces tougher sanctions for MH17 crash
By Lucy Fisher - 21 July 16:24

The Prime Minister warned President Putin to stop aiding separatists in Ukraine, as responsibility for the MH17 crash was laid at Russia's feet.

Helen Goodman MP.
Labour MP slammed for "sexist" Tweet about female Tory ministers
By Lucy Fisher - 17 July 16:49

Helen Goodman upbraided for declaring Tory women promoted to the government this week "puppets".

Sarah Wollaston: “People are very abusive to MPs… undermining, throwing insults at you”
By Lucy Fisher - 17 July 12:44

The newly elected chair of the Health Committee and Conservative MP for Totnes talks to the New Statesman.

Evidence gathering: shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper at the 2013 Labour Party conference, Brighton. Photo: Getty
Yvette Cooper: “We can’t just turn our backs on women who are becoming victims of crime”
By Lucy Fisher - 17 July 10:00

Labour’s shadow home secretary on online misogyny, workplace discrimination and tackling domestic violence. 

Harsher penalties for drivers who use mobiles at the wheel under consideration
By Lucy Fisher - 15 July 16:05

The number of penalty points awarded could be doubled to six, as the Transport Secretary says he wants to address the "appalling" number of road casualties caused by drivers using phones.

Charles Clarke: Tories set to win general election and Kinnock a better leader than Miliband
By Lucy Fisher - 14 July 16:29

The former Labour cabinet minister launched a vicious attack on Ed Miliband and his party.

"I am one of thousands of women to have suffered – widows, orphans, victims of sexual abuse and rape".
“My son was killed... but it strengthened my commitment”
By Lucy Fisher - 11 July 11:36

Despite tragedy, two Afghan women explain how they refuse to be cowed by militants from carrying out their work.

Female MPs photographed outside Parliament in May to campaign for the return of the Chibok schoolgirls in Nigeria.
Female MPs in the press: slated or ignored
By Lucy Fisher - 10 July 15:36

A new study hints at sexism in the press.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was forced to explain Treasury approval for Universal Credit today.
Treasury backing for Universal Credit scrutinised
By Lucy Fisher - 09 July 15:40

Iain Duncan Smith said that the business case for universal credit has been approved by the Treasury, but only up to 2015.

What is united about our kingdom? Is it the economy, governance or identity?
What is United about our Kingdom?
By Lucy Fisher - 07 July 16:30

A professor, a pollster and a journalist hashed out the question at Chatham House last week.

Conservative MP for The Wrekin Mark Pritchard.
Can Cameron bring back powers from EU? "I'm cautiously pessimistic", says Mark Pritchard MP
By Lucy Fisher - 04 July 12:55

The senior Conservative MP and Eurosceptic Mark Pritchard discusses the EU, secret societies, adoption and animal welfare.

Statue of Justice at the Old Bailey.
Failure to protect girls from FGM is a "national scandal", say MPs
By Lucy Fisher - 03 July 8:16

A hard-hitting report today from the Home Affairs Committee blasts the authorities for failing to eliminate cutting in the UK and calls for new laws.

Private sector job creation in London versus the rest of the UK: confusion over the facts
Sorting fact from fiction: jobs in London vs. rest of UK
By Lucy Fisher - 01 July 13:18

Labour is claiming today that 8 out of 10 new private sector jobs created since 2010 have been in London; the Tories say 3 out of 4 of them have been created outside the capital. Which is it?

Nick Clegg's party could lose 17 seats to Labour.
Ashcroft polls: Lib Dems could lose 17 seats to Labour
By Lucy Fisher - 01 July 11:54

The latest polling by Lord Ashcroft offers a snapshot of the wipe out facing Lib Dems in battleground seats against Labour.

Are more women to join the green benches of the House of Commons after next year's general election?
Two thirds of parliamentary candidates in party-held seats are women
By Lucy Fisher - 30 June 15:28

Given that only 23 per cent of MPs are women at present, the high number of female parliamentary candidates selected for party-incumbent seats is a small, but important triumph.

David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions last Wednesday.
Mumsnet petitions to overhaul PMQs
By Lucy Fisher - 30 June 12:42

More than 46,000 signatures and counting.

Chancellor George Osborne
Merging income tax and NIC: the Chancellor's calculations
By Lucy Fisher - 30 June 11:07

The proposed plan could increase pressure for tax cuts and undermine the contributory principle.

UK border control.
Race and immigration the most important issue, say voters
By Lucy Fisher - 27 June 9:21

A new poll reveals that race and immigration is now seen as a more significant challenge than the economy.

Minister Without Portfolio Kenneth Clarke
Ken Clarke’s spectacularly unhelpful interview
By Lucy Fisher - 25 June 14:54

The Minister Without Portfolio took a swipe at the Prime Minister.

David Cameron
Cameron's tough stance on Juncker: who's it for?
By Lucy Fisher - 25 June 10:10

The Prime Minister's hardline attitude is now more about impressing British voters than winning the battle over the top EU post. 

UK border control
Scale of English language test fraud by migrants revealed
By Lucy Fisher - 24 June 15:49

Today the government revealed the scale of fraud in English language certificates for migrants seeking student visas. The issue is likely to stoke further tensions over immigration.

Iraqi Turkmen preparing to fight Isis militants last weekend
Isis and the global rise of non-state actors
By Lucy Fisher - 23 June 13:48

The recent onslaught by Isis isn't a rogue success for terrorist groups; non-state actors are on the rise worldwide. We should be watching and wary.

Very vocal: Danny Alexander at the Lib Dem Party Conference 2013. Photo: Getty
Teaching MPs to twist the truth
By Lucy Fisher - 19 June 10:00

A bland, polished performance style has become the norm among politicians. “The rise of the political class” refers as much to the homogeneity of politicians’ public personae as anything else. 

J K Rowling. Photo: Getty
J K Rowling donates £1m to anti Scottish independence camp
By Lucy Fisher - 11 June 11:24

Harry Potter author helps plug campaign funding gap.

Michael Gove about to make a speech on education earlier this year.
Gove urges schools to teach British values. But what are they?
By Lucy Fisher - 10 June 11:54

Liberal or pluralist multiculturalism?

Rosie the Riveter
More female plumbers, but they suffer worst pay gap
By Lucy Fisher - 09 June 15:09

Female tradespeople lose out.

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford University
Universities urged to lower grade requirements for comprehensive pupils
By Lucy Fisher - 06 June 17:00

A canny move by the Department for Education.