A hospital corridor. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
I was pregnant again. But when the doctor produced a graph I knew that something was wrong
By Suzanne Moore - 29 January 10:28

Women’s bodies are very peculiar. I was pregnant and, because I’d had two children already, the feeling wasn’t exactly new: that metallic taste, a strange lightness, the sensation of one’s own flesh being somehow unaccountable.

A ruptured Eiffel Tower. Illustration: Jackson Rees
Post-traumatic spatial disorder: you see it, looking at old volcanoes. In Paris, I’m not so sure...
By Will Self - 29 January 9:44

Memories of place and disaster telescope, but Will Self finds Paris much as it ever is.

The open fridge: We've all been there. Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images
Late at night, in my dressing gown, I search the fridge for a piece of cheese and contemplate my fate
By Nicholas Lezard - 29 January 9:11

"I could be Nick Clegg". Nicholas Lezard sees desperation by the fridge light. 

In Iraqi security officer guards a church. Photo: KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images
Paradise lost: is Christianity doomed in the Middle East?
By Gerard Russell - 29 January 9:10

A religious revival is just one of the factors leaving Christians deserting the Middle East. Diversity must be upheld.

Play your cards right. Photomontage by Dan Murrell
The art of the political wager: how to make money betting on the general election
By Matthew Engel - 29 January 8:37

The only certainty about this year's election is that it will break all previous betting records. So who should you be placing your money on?

Capsules containing ketamine. Photo: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP
Could ketamine stop suicide?
By Michael Brooks - 29 January 8:00

The drug has been proven as a reliever of suicidal thoughts. With some doctors reluctant to prescribe SSRIs, it could provide the answer.

EM Forster by Dora Carrington.
The producer vowing to film E M Forster’s “unfilmable” novel
By Philip Maughan - 28 January 13:45

After spending three weeks in hospital with a suspected heart condition, Adrian Munsey decided to tackle The Longest Journey — the last unfilmed Forster novel.

Residents protest the redevelopment of the estate. Photo: Paulette Singer.
How council promises have fallen away, leaving the West Hendon estate in dire straits
By Chris Godfrey - 28 January 10:27

Residents claim 95 per cent of current tennants will be evicted as regeneration scheme prices out locals.

A woman hurries on the tube. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty
We live in the “acceleration society”: the less you achieve, the more important it is to look busy
By Ed Smith - 28 January 9:01

The best way to look successful is to tell people how busy you are.

Stacked peat turf in Connemara. Photo: Tim Graham/Rex
Getting bogged down: why we all need to fight the peat wars
By John Burnside - 27 January 11:13

94 percent of our peat bogs have been destroyed. Saving them is a vital step in securing our planet's future.

Ronda Rousey hits Liz Carmouche during their 2013 title fight. Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Why the UFC is treating its female fighters better than (almost) any other sport
By Joel Snape - 26 January 16:34

It’s not just the money – Ultimate Fighting Championship has appreciated that women aren’t good fighters considering their gender. They’re simply good fighters.

A protester from the Westboro Baptist Church. Photo: Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images
“Love is wise and hatred is foolish”: how a son of the Westboro Baptist Church lost faith
By Aoife Moriarty - 26 January 14:35

The controversial church has a firm hold on many of its members. But Nate Phelps, son of the church’s infamous patriarch, wanted out.

Stock and share: some argue that people are driven to food banks by housing costs, not food costs. Photo: Andrew Testa/Panos
How can business reduce poverty?
By Adam Ludlow - 22 January 12:06

The Webb Trust essay prizewinner offers an answer.

Traffic light on amber. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Eventually, I took a driving test. But Mister Much didn’t think much of my motoring skills
By Suzanne Moore - 22 January 10:51

Suzanne Moore learns to drive and finds an accidental therapist.

A doctor at work. Photo: Adam Berry/Getty Images
Osteoporosis is medicine’s Cinderella diagnosis. It rarely gets a look-in
By Phil Whitaker - 22 January 10:29

Osteoporosis gets less attention than the "big, ugly stepsisters' -- yet roughly three million in the UK are affected.

New York. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images
How the "mayor" of Gramercy Park keeps New York’s most exclusive spot private
By Rob Crilly - 22 January 10:08

Arlene Harrison runs a tight ship managing Gramercy Park.

Hawking in 1991. Photo: Rex/Tom Pilston/The Independent
Stephen Hawking’s life is a triumph of intellect over adversity
By Martin Rees - 21 January 11:19

Stephen Hawking received his "death sentence" more than 50 years ago. The Astronomer Royal pays tribute to him.

Britain and Ireland from above. Photo: NASA
Why speaking proper still counts as having an accent
By Stephanie Boland - 21 January 9:11

BBC English is still so dominant that it can be easy to forget it's a dialect. But calling its speakers "accentless" only heightens its power.

A Labour badge at the 2014 party conference. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Want to upset Britain’s flaccid intelligentsia? Join a political party
By Martin Plaut - 20 January 9:44

The London-based commentariat is quick to pontificate about the decline in our political culture, but slow to do anything about it.

Sculptures by Raphael Zollinger in the Pratt Institute Sculpture Garden in New York.
If we liberate men’s sexuality, the war against women can end
By Margaret Corvid - 16 January 9:30

As a dominatrix, men come to me to explore a sexuality that is socially forbidden. While patriarchy endures, they will never be free to express who they are, or treat women as they should be treated.

A literal tiger mother. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
How Chinese success in education comes at a high cost
By Tanith Carey - 16 January 9:00

The school day often lasts nine hours – with breaks for eye massages to reduce eye strain and physical activity to keep concentration levels high.

Walthamstow's finest: Harry Kane for Spurs. Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
All the Spurs players are heroes but Harry is different: he’s a local hero
By Hunter Davies - 15 January 10:35

What does it mean to sign a local lad?

A culinary clean slate. Photo: Gallery Stock.
Felicity Cloake: let’s face it, detox diets are making fools of us
By Felicity Cloake - 15 January 10:26

In many ways, January diets are as self-indulgent as the Christmas binge.

A stethoscope. Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
My keyboard is held together by Sellotape. And what’s that strange buzzing in my groin?
By Nicholas Lezard - 15 January 10:21

Failing hardware and Withnail occupy Nicholas Lezard.

Andrew Marr: It is the urge to create that makes us human
By Andrew Marr - 15 January 10:00

Changing the world around us gives us our humanity.

Apocalypse now: celebrating the end of an era. Photo by Su--May, Flickr
Farewell to the 12 Bar Club
By Yo Zushi - 14 January 17:15

Another Soho landmark bites the dust.