Does Michael Gove think he can extend school hours through sheer force of personality?
By Jonn Elledge - 04 February 15:17

There are a lot of different factors to consider before the school day can be extended – the type of activities on offer, how you're staffing them, whether more affluent parents should pay – but the education secretary hasn't been clear on any of the deta

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy “could be ruled a crime” – can women be held responsible?
By Glosswitch - 04 February 12:49

Pregnancy can be difficult, lonely and dangerous, and life doesn't stop just because you've conceived. Should pregnant women be forced to care for themselves in a way that others are not required to?

At the Sochi Winter Olympics, the Russian establishment is trying to out-gay the gays
By Eleanor Margolis - 04 February 11:19

Russia has given its Olympic volunteers a rainbow-coloured uniform. This is a country that, as of last year, has criminalised homosexuality and banned its citizens from publically brandishing the Pride flag. What's really going on here?

Education’s Berlin Wall: the private schools conundrum
By David Kynaston and George Kynaston - 03 February 22:09

Does a better social mix make these schools acceptable? The left has been silent on this issue for the past 40 years.

Without showing them misogyny, how do we teach our sons respect for women?
By Glosswitch - 31 January 13:26

Children are subject to an onslaught of confusing messages about their place in the world. We want to teach our sons about consent and respect for women, but how this is possible without teaching them what men as a class do to women?

Remembering “Those Glory Glory Days” – a film that understood what football can mean to people
By Martin Cloake - 31 January 9:14

Julie Welch’s semi-autobiographical 1983 film <em>Those Glory Glory Days</em> is that rarest of things, a film about football that works.

Why we must end the detention of female asylum seekers in the UK
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 30 January 17:20

We must believe these women when they tell us they would never have left their home, their family, their country, if they had a choice, and we must demonstrate this belief by telling our government that they must not be locked up.

Lez Miserable: Now recruiting young women to the lesbian cause
By Eleanor Margolis - 30 January 10:55

There will be an admissions procedure. “So, did you get into lesbianism?” Emily asks Stephanie. “No,” says Stephanie, gazing at her tiny, straight-girl feet.

Squeezed Middle: If I close my eyes, I can see a summer in Tuscany
By Alice O'Keeffe - 30 January 10:54

I can almost feel the sun on my neck, the chilled Chianti as it slips down my throat . . .

It was not my decision to remove Woman of the Hovel, and now the bedroom smells
By Nicholas Lezard - 30 January 8:08

Middle aged, alone and with a rotting smell in the bedroom – such a life sucks hind tit.

The politics of black hair
By Emma Dabiri - 29 January 14:48

Mainstream conversations about feminism usually proceed from the standpoint of middle-class white women - but they need to know their experiences aren't universal, including when it comes to hair.

Most vets could tell you about rabbit food, but how many can geld a colt or Caesar a cow?
By John Brooke - 29 January 9:20

In my life as a member of an endangered species (the mixed vet), I go to work with no inkling of the thousand shocks that await me on any day.

You have to be rather fond of someone to visit them in dreary, shoeless Gothenburg
By Nicholas Lezard - 23 January 17:59

This is the place to which the Beloved is committed.

Lez Miserable: Gays aren't the only people for whom making babies is a conundrum
By Eleanor Margolis - 23 January 10:13

Before one of them came out of my sister, the best I could hope for around babies, speech-wise, would be an awkward “Hello, small person thing.” Now, I'm having thoughts . . .

Squeezed Middle: Was it worth giving up a career for a home life?
By Alice O'Keeffe - 23 January 10:11

My dreams of career ambitions today, quite unexpectedly, touch a nerve.

New Statesman
Beth Tweddle tries to do a Twitter Q&A; outrageous sexism ensues
By Media Mole - 21 January 16:52

Only five per cent of sports media coverage features women. Wonder why?

I didn't fully understand what it means to be pro-choice ... until I decided not to have an abortion
By Sarah Ditum - 21 January 9:06

After getting pregnant at 20, the life I thought I'd have suddenly vanished. Knowing that I still had control over what happened to my body helped me to come to terms with my new future.

Campaigns against sex-selective abortion are misogyny disguised as feminism
By Frances Ryan - 16 January 15:17

We should be asking why women feel pressured to abort female foetuses, not descending into an anti-choice panic about sex-selective abortion without evidence.

How to counter the menacingly authoritarian tendencies of modern football
By Martin Cloake - 16 January 13:51

It's enough to test the most passionate fan’s devotion.

The biggest lie of the anti-choice movement is that it is they who deal in harsh realities
By Glosswitch - 15 January 9:48

Pope Francis's positioning of abortion as part of a “throwaway culture” shows how little respect there is for a woman's right to control her own body.

Atheist Afghan receives asylum in the UK – for fear of religious persecution
By Nelson Jones - 14 January 14:56

The Home Office has granted asylum to a man in fear of his life because he no longer believes in God and wishes to live his life without publicly practising Islam. How many others are there who will need protection because of their lack of religious faith

It's time to give our education system a year off from reform
By Joe Hallgarten - 13 January 14:17

A politics-free period in schools could improve outcomes faster than any policy change.

If we spent less time thinking about breasts, we could probably end sexism
Why having a woman’s body under patriarchy is a job in itself
By Frances Ryan - 10 January 15:50

"Deodorant for breasts" is the latest addition to the shame cycle of having a female body.

Lez Miserable: If Jews can learn to love Christmas, then so can gays
By Eleanor Margolis - 09 January 14:31

Christmas is the one time of year that straight, socially conservative men unconsciously gay it up for a whole month.

The Fan: the year in football
By Hunter Davies - 09 January 14:25

Come on, Cameron, get your togs on!

Just four months ago, England were the victors. How did it all crumble into ashes?
By Ed Smith - 09 January 8:45

Dynasties, after all, can wind up frighten­ingly quickly, with or without hubris at the top.

Before climbing the rungs of ambition, make sure you’ve chosen the right ladder
By Ed Smith - 06 January 10:07

A deeper understanding of the purpose and direction of one's career is the way to true success.

The furore over M&S's Muslim staff policy shows that Islamophobia is a problem
By Ian Leslie - 23 December 10:46

Our national news agenda is distorted by a deep suspicion of Muslims.

Liberals should stop eulogising this reactionary Pope
By James Bloodworth - 20 December 16:29

Francis's popularity among progressives suggests that women and gay people are still viewed as appendages in the struggle for a better society.

New out-of-hours care reforms were a game of Russian roulette for GPs. We pulled the trigger
By Phil Whitaker - 19 December 16:49

Come April 2014, our out-of-hours service will be run by strangers based many hundreds of miles away.