Prenatal classes in 1968 at the hospital in Margate, Kent. Photo: Getty
Don't call the midwife: why we're obsessed with “natural” childbirth
By Jessica Grose - 21 February 17:49

A new history of the Lamaze technique is balanced and impressive, but, like almost everything connected to childbirth, it is not entirely neutral or impassive.

The introduction of "safe-standing" at Premiership football grounds.
Why it's time for football clubs to reintroduce standing areas
By David Skelton - 21 February 17:49

The introduction of "safe-standing" at Premiership football grounds would allow clubs to reduce ticket prices and prove that clubs are prepared to listen to their fans.

Will to power: Pietersen works his way towards a double century
Kevin Pietersen: the man who fell to earth
By Ed Smith - 20 February 14:19

Kevin Pietersen willed himself to become an Englishman, and is as troubled as he is gifted. But who is he? And will we miss him now that he is banished from the team?

A London opium den in the 1870s, by Gustav Doré. Image: Hulton Archive/Getty
Queen Victoria on cannabis, and all the other things you never knew about drugs
By Steven Poole - 19 February 14:09

Modern governments have long demonised drugs, but the world now may be inching its way back towards the more rational view held in the 19th century.

Susan Greenfield: “I worry that we are becoming a dysfunctional society’’
By New Statesman - 19 February 10:43

The Labour peer and senior research fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford, takes the <i>NS</i> Centenary Questionnaire.

A young Crystal Palace fan enjoys his hot dog before a match
Everyone’s equal in the eyes of the law – unless you are a football fan
By Martin Cloake and Darren White - 17 February 11:33

Are we seeing the emergence of a two-tier legal system in which football fans are treated as a class apart? Martin Cloake and solicitor Darren White examine the evidence and ask whether we should have cause for concern.

Builders at work on a new hotel. Photo: Getty
Why do I earn less as a woman than I did as a man?
By Vanessa Austin Locke - 14 February 15:05

Rebekah Cameron is a 46-year-old trans woman working in one of the most male-dominated environments known to woman – construction. Since transitioning, she has found it necessary to price her work lower than before.

Social media and the second Hillsborough inquest
By David Banks - 14 February 12:30

The depth of feeling that exists about the disaster and what came after is entirely understandable. The attorney general has a difficult task ahead deciding what consititutes contempt of court in this unique circumstance.

Why don't we care that the further education budget has just been cut by 20 per cent?
By Jonn Elledge - 14 February 11:52

The Adult Skills Budget, which funds all non-academic education for those 19 or over, is being cut by a fifth between now and 2015-16. The least we can do is pay attention.

Judging sex: why can’t we have opinions about what we get up to in bed?
By Sarah Ditum - 14 February 10:47

Jesse Bering's new book, <em>Perv</em>, puts forward a rigidly harm-reduction approach to sexual morality (although at times his theories seem to be proposing the normalisation of child abuse images). But tolerance alone isn't enough. Shouldn't wanting to

Passengers on a crowded tube train, 2014. Photo: Getty.
Behold how the wage-slaving grunts welcome the invasion of the rent-a-squaddies
By Will Self - 13 February 17:21

Britain’s ongoing flirtation with a military way of life.

The Fan: The players that didn’t quite make it
By Hunter Davies - 13 February 12:11

Modern footballers are about as hard to get access to as the Queen. Outsiders, on the other hand, have stories to tell.

Gender and meaning: how do we talk about sex and equality?
By Roz Kaveney - 13 February 11:15

A response to Glosswitch's piece about how she experiences gender as a trap.

Here’s to sherry: the king of old world drinking
By Nina Caplan - 13 February 8:39

Look beyond your nana to the mysteries of sherry.

Our segregated education system perpetuates inequality and holds our nation back
By Michael Gove - 12 February 20:54

The education secretary responds to the <i>NS</i> debate on public schools.

A prison made of flowers: how Valentine's Day sells us patriarchy disguised as romance
By Meghan Murphy - 12 February 12:25

After three waves of feminism, we're now being told subservience is "romantic". You can't be too hard on yourself, but you have to acknowledge the problem: so I will take those flowers and my boyfriend's coat, but I will keep my name, my goals, and my ind

Antidepressants fluoxetine photographed in the US. Photo: Getty Images.
When are we mature enough to make life-or-death decisions about our body?
By Phil Whitaker - 12 February 10:32

This 16-to-17 age band can pose the most acute ethical dilemmas, as a case in my area illustrated all too starkly.

A second hand bookshop in Glasgow. How many books is too many books?
You wouldn’t believe how much more objectionable I’d be if I wasn’t a socialist
By Nicholas Lezard - 12 February 10:31

That I have lived pretty much entirely self-sufficiently for six and a half years is a matter of some astonishment.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z snacking at Madison Square Garden in New York
I’d rather binge on booze than self-denial
By Felicity Cloake - 12 February 10:12

Please, don’t tell me about your pious dry January.

Despite his successes, Andy Flower became too dogmatic
By Ed Smith - 11 February 13:08

Though overseeing a period of glory for the English team, Flower became a cowing figure rather than an inspirational one.

Five questions answered on Bombardier’s contract to provide trains for Crossrail
By Heidi Vella - 07 February 12:51

How much is the Bombardier-Crossrail contract worth?

Moses said unto the Israelites: “This is the hand-made quail wrap the Lord hath given you”
By Will Self - 06 February 16:25

The wrap is still more fundamental to western Judaeo-Christian and Islamic culture than we perhaps care to acknowledge.

The NS debate: what should we do about education’s Berlin Wall?
By New Statesman - 06 February 13:18

Leading educationalists respond to the question of public schools.

I don't feel I “match” my gender, so what does it mean to be called cis?
By Glosswitch - 06 February 10:01

Some people see gender as a galaxy of possibilities. I experience it as a trap, a network of prejudices rooted in conservative notions of complementarity and evolutionary purpose.

The mystery tan and the snore that threatened a marriage
By Phil Whitaker - 06 February 8:41

Two needles in the haystack of general practice.

I’ve got the brains, I’ve read the books – let’s make lots of money out of Baker Street’s finest
By Nicholas Lezard - 06 February 8:40

I have no idea whether Sherlock Holmes got his name from Sherlock Mews – but perhaps I can tell it to American tourists for £250 a head.

Squeezed Middle: Why I should definitely not have another child
By Alice O'Keeffe - 06 February 8:37

Is that what I want? Is it? Yes. . .

How a gift for puncturing fads left one academic lonely but right
By Ed Smith - 06 February 8:29

The academic George Watson was an anti-Marxist but never a conservative.