White out: a bidet following a landslide in Costa Rica, 2010. (Photo: Getty)
It’s a happy bidet that contains the LRB, the TLS and a few copies of Viz
By Nicholas Lezard - 13 March 13:30

The appliance hasn’t worked since the days of Callaghan but provides an excellent receptacle for reading matter.

A rainbow over a Yorkshire dale in around 1965. (Photo: Getty)
A mine romance: remembering Maurice Dobson and Fred Halliday
By Ian McMillan - 13 March 10:02

In a South Yorkshire mining village in the 1960s, a gay couple were not just accepted but celebrated by their community.

A vet prepares a horse for gelding at a Berlin animal clinic. (Photo: Getty)
Animal Farm: the behavioural benefits of castration
By John Brooke - 13 March 10:00

A week in which I neutered 40 calves, two colts, three dogs and a raccoon.

Homecoming queen: Miss Iowa 2011 takes part in an Independence Day parade in her home state. (Photo: Danny Wilcox Frazier/Redux/Eyevine)
How American pageants are turning politics into a beauty parade
By Nicky Woolf - 13 March 10:00

In the US, beauty pageants are an increasingly popular way for young women to begin a career in public office.

Spurs merchandise on sale outside White Hart Lane. Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images.
“We are the Yids”: should Spurs fans be prosecuted for using the Y word?
By Martin Cloake - 12 March 11:20

The case against three Tottenham Hotspur fans accused of “a racially aggravated public order offence” undermines the battle against bigotry. Now that the prosecution has been discontinued, the threat to freedom of speech has been resisted – for now.

Julie Bailey, of campaign group Cure the NHS. Photo: Getty
If the NHS is to improve, we have to realise sometimes things have to close
By Jonn Elledge - 12 March 10:39

Closing important services for financial reasons is stupid. But closing expensive things we don’t need so that we can spend the money on new things that we do isn’t.

 Dancer Ann Argent practices her routine while doing the housework. Photo: Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images
Why is housework a forgotten feminist issue?
By Glosswitch - 12 March 9:53

The unequal distribution of unpaid domestic labour isn’t a frivolous side-issue. It’s dull, yes, but it’s related to depression, poverty and domestic abuse.

Future job stealer: a baby at the Rio carnival. Photo: Getty
They come here, taking our jobs... Worried about immigration? Wait till I tell you about young people
By Hopi Sen - 10 March 18:00

The East End used to be all immigrants. Now it is full of creatures in beards and confusing trousers. This has to stop.

Members of two Turkish political parties scuffle during a debate in parliament, February 2014
Applying the school canteen theory to the House of Commons
By Ed Smith - 10 March 11:35

Could giving the political debating chamber an extreme makeover make our MPs behave less boorishly?

We mustn’t forget the revolutionary roots of International Women’s Day
By Rebecca Winson - 08 March 10:00

Now marked with Google doodles and special shopping displays, in the early 20th century, International Women's Day was a fierce, worldwide campaign for worker's rights.

Do you feel empowered yet? Photo: Getty
“Sex-positive” feminism is doing the patriarchy’s work for it
By Glosswitch - 07 March 10:51

All that stuff we used to call oppression? We’re totes cool with it now.

An Isle of Skye sunset. The Hebridean island is the centre of the Gaelic resurgence
Language as activism: the big Gaelic comeback
By Cal Flyn - 06 March 11:00

The native tongue of the Highlands and islands seemed to be dying out – until the latest figures were released.

Clash of the tartans: English cider at the Highland games in Tomintoul, north-east Scotland. Photo: Martin Parr/Magnum Photos
How Scotland got crafty with beer and fooled the English with gin
By Nina Caplan - 06 March 10:06

It's not all about whisky north of the border.

We are family: the cast of Outnumbered at the National Television Awards in 2012. Photo: Getty Images
For half an hour a week, I turn on the TV and watch the future I won’t have
By Nicholas Lezard - 06 March 10:03

Watching BBC1's Outnumbered is less painful now but it's still bitter-sweet.

The Vegetable Gardener by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
From food and shelter to Nigella and Kirstie: the rise of lifestyle
By Jane Shilling - 06 March 10:02

Two new books on cooking and interiors explore 20th century society's biggest paradigm shift.

Blinking like a pit pony: it can be hard to reacclimatise to the British gloom after a spell in the sun
The Fan: the pointlessness of “warm-weather training”
By Hunter Davies - 06 March 10:00

Does sending the boys out to Dubai to kick balls around really achieve anything?

Beside the seaside: sun-soakers on Brighton pier during the 2013 heatwave
Squeezed Middle: should we sell up and move to Brighton?
By Alice O'Keeffe - 06 March 10:00

A town where my fantasy of Georgian terrace and Ottolenghi expense account can finally intersect with Curly’s rural idyll.

One for the rails: Christmas in a train buffet car, 1934
Kirsty Wark: in praise of the London to Glasgow sleeper train
By Kirsty Wark - 06 March 9:00

The Newsnight presenter hotfoots it to Euston from the BBC and unwinds with a glass of Scotch and some political gossip.

Cardiff City's owner, Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan. Photo: Getty
Are football’s authorities finally going to have to concede on supporter-owned clubs?
By Martin Cloake - 05 March 17:05

A report from a cross-party group of MPs could provide the much-needed impetus to clear away the mess around club ownership structures.

A Burberry show at London Fashion Week in 2013. Photo: Getty
It's time to ban the phrase “real women” for good
By Rhiannon and Holly - 04 March 11:03

It’s restrictive, it’s insulting and it’s downright weird.

Most fans will want the captain chosen on merit.
Sol Campbell is wrong - for most England fans, race is irrelevant
By Sunder Katwala - 03 March 11:36

When it comes to choosing an England captain, fans are more likely to have a biased opinion based on club colours than skin colour.

Sol Campbell on the pitch. Photo: Getty
Did Sol Campbell really miss out on the England captaincy because he was black?
By Musa Okwonga - 02 March 16:36

Like Kanye West, Sol Campbell has the habit of making headline-hogging statements that allow us to evade wider and more uncomfortable questions – in this case, about institutional racism in football.

Michael Gove. Photo: Getty
Why was the government’s academies programme so rushed?
By Jonn Elledge - 01 March 11:13

It’s unfair to equate the failure of providers such as E-Act with the failure of the whole academies programme. But if academies had been introduced more slowly, could this have been avoided?

The Fan: putting the clap-monitor into action at White Hart Lane
By Hunter Davies - 28 February 17:47

From Thierry Henry to Christian Eriksen, It is fascinating to note which names the fans cheers loudest for.

"You’ve got soup. Why haven’t I got any soup?" barks a demanding Withnail
The Swedish menu: Bong water and a casserole beyond William Burroughs’s worst nightmares
By Nicholas Lezard - 28 February 16:19

Searching in vain for chicken soup in Gothenburg.

We write them off as vulnerable, non-sexual burdens – but the elderly are not just a problem to be solved
By Brian Kellett - 28 February 16:08

A new regular column, "Nurse in the City", by Brian Kellett.

Caterpillars. Photo: Getty
Got a cold? Eat caterpillars
By Michael Brooks - 28 February 8:34

Why medinical zinc is not all it's cracked up to be.

Activists at UK Feminista's lobby of Parliament in October 2012. Photo: Getty
How to make yourself feel happier about feminism
By Rhiannon and Holly - 27 February 15:46

If you're fed up with Twitter storms, there are a few more practical things you can do to further the feminist cause.

Picking weed.
Cannabis in Colorado: The ups and downs of legalising highs
By Julie Bindel - 27 February 7:30

With more cannabis shops than branches of Starbucks and further liberalisation to come - why hasn't the trade in legal marijuana decreased the number of dealers on the street in Colorado?