Brothers at war
By Brian Glanville - 30 September 13:00

Jack and Bobby

Leo McKinstry <em>HarperCollins, 492pp, £18.99</em>

ISBN 0007118767

Girls, booze, drugs and parties
By Andrew Billen - 30 September 13:00

Television - Andrew Billen enjoys a documentary about the heyday of light entertainment

Sidelines - Andrew Martin misses a train at Bradford
By Andrew Martin - 30 September 13:00

My memories of Bradford amount to once missing a train there

Mr Smith goes to . . . meet Jerry Lewis
By Stephen Smith - 30 September 13:00

They're very good, the flunkies and major-domos at the Dorchester, but then, for £2,500 a night, they ought to be.

The fan - Hunter Davies gets into the sponsors' suite
By Hunter Davies - 30 September 13:00

The day I rubbed shoulders with a real live lord in the sponsors' lounge

Bee Wilson on our children's odd ideas about food
By Bee Wilson - 30 September 13:00

Children were dismayed to find no baked beans at a farmers' market

The fan - Hunter Davies finds something brilliant (really!)
By Hunter Davies - 23 September 13:00

I've found something brilliant. Honest, I really have

Bee Wilson predicts a comeback
By Bee Wilson - 23 September 13:00

If you have a quince tree to hand, this is what you do with it

If we could "just all get along" . . .
By Bonnie Greer - 23 September 13:00

Television - Bonnie Greer watches a rose-tinted adaptation of Zadie Smith's <em>White Teeth</em>

Mr Smith goes to . . . a breakthrough party
By Stephen Smith - 23 September 13:00

The miners who are digging for light

Sidelines - Andrew Martin defends Yorkshire plain-speaking
By Andrew Martin - 23 September 13:00

A Yorkshireman is rude equally to his wife, his parents, his friends and his dog

Celebrities on holiday: a rough guide
By Alain de Botton - 23 September 13:00

Aside from love, few activities seem to promise us as much happiness as travelling: taking off for somewhere else, somewhere far from home, a place with more interesting weather, customs and landscapes. However, it also seems that few events regularly go as wrong as holidays.

No sex please, we're students
By Andrew Billen - 16 September 13:00

Television - Andrew Billen finds <em>College Girls</em> contains nothing titillating at all

Andrew Martin finds northerners scoffing the pies
By Andrew Martin - 16 September 13:00

Sidelines - Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? Why it was Leeds, of course . . .

A case of mistaken identity
By Philip Kerr - 16 September 13:00

Film - Philip Kerr enjoys a good, old-fashioned thriller, especially the car chase

Hunter Davies thinks Scottish football is too white
By Hunter Davies - 16 September 13:00

The fan - Why can't Scotland win? Too many deep-fried Mars Bars? Or racism?

Mr Smith goes to . . . Buckingham Palace
By Stephen Smith - 16 September 13:00

If I were editor of Hello! magazine, I wouldn't know whether to be writing my letter of resignation at my stylish but businesslike desk, or giving thanks on my knees from my hard-wearing yet elegant carpet.

Bee Wilson tells TV cooks to stop bragging
By Bee Wilson - 16 September 13:00

Food - Bragging among TV chefs has reached Mussolini-like proportions

The ghost in the machine
By Maurice Walsh - 16 September 13:00

Keane: the autobiography

Roy Keane (with Eamon Dunphy) <em>Michael Joseph, 294pp, £17.99</em>


Bee Wilson fails to find Irish stew in Dublin
By Bee Wilson - 09 September 13:00

In Dublin, you are more likely to find Caesar salad than honest Irish stew

Up hill, 'cross moor and down dale
By Andrew Billen - 09 September 13:00

Television - Andrew Billen flinches from the melodrama of a modern <em>Wuthering Heights</em>

Sidelines - Andrew Martin on how hacks are poorer than lawyers
By Andrew Martin - 09 September 13:00

A BMW, a big house and a powdered wig - they all could have been mine

The fan - Hunter Davies praises Big Ron's new silver wig
By Hunter Davies - 09 September 13:00

Big Ron has become Herr Ron, with a sleek silver wig and new specs

Fear and loathing in Edinburgh
By Andrew Billen - 02 September 13:00

Television - Andrew Billen watches as the TV suits hold their annual exercise in self-justification

Mr Smith goes to . . . the 8th wonder of the world
By Stephen Smith - 02 September 13:00

If you want to see the eighth wonder of the world, you have to pick up the keys from the ticket office of an Underground station in east London. Not that they'll part with them to just anybody.

Now what? - Lauren Booth reveals TV's banned words
By Lauren Booth - 02 September 13:00

Revealed: the words that could get you banned from television. Lauren Booth reports

Sport - Jason Cowley demands shorter test matches
By Jason Cowley - 02 September 13:00

Whatever became of the bumping pitch and the blinding light?

Bee Wilson wants free school meals for all
By Bee Wilson - 02 September 13:00

Many English schoolchildren have a nutritionally deficient diet

Mr Smith goes to . . . find a monster
By Stephen Smith - 26 August 13:00

Call me Ishmael. I've been hunting a monster of the deep. Not from the prow of a whaler, but from another equally dramatic vantage point: the kitchens of London's Chinatown.

Kill the licence fee
By David Cox - 26 August 13:00

The BBC is financed by a poll tax which turns the poor into criminals and stultifies the intellectua