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The French might not be excited about Christmas but we'll be getting drunk

A YouGov study finds that Britons will be drinking whilst the French say Christmas has lost its "true meaning".

While in France only 28% of the population are looking forward to Christmas, here in the UK, a third of us plan to get drunk during the festive period. In fact only 8% of the French will be getting drunk according to YouGov’s EuroTrack survey.

The figures above come from this week’s multi-country study of public opinion among residents in France, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The survey takes place frequently to assess the views of parts of Europe.

Although it may come as a surprise to a nation of pub-lovers that only a third of us will drink a lot of alcohol (though that's still the highest result of any nation surveyed), it’s probably not shocking that 56% of us are excited about December 25. After all, it means a day off and a chance to watch some TV and eat plenty of good calorific food.

On their website, Harris MacLeod, YouGov PR executive, said the reason for the lack of festive joy among the French “may lie in the fact that 19% of people in France say they feel lonely at Christmas, the highest proportion of any of the countries we surveyed.” A stagger 74% of French respondents also agreed with the statement that "the true meaning of the Christmas has been lost", the highest of any surveyed.

However, those in Norway are excited the most about Christmas with 65% of those polled saying they were looking forward to it.

In a sign of the economic struggles continuing, in France and Britain, 47% and 41% respectively said they were going to spend less money on Christmas this year.

But on the lighter side, nearly a fifth of those polled in Britain and Denmark admitted to kissing a colleague at the Christmas work party. It seems those embarrassing (and often drunken) moments Christmas is known for won’t come to an end too soon.