Photo: courtesy #thisdoesntmeanyes.
#thisdoesntmeanyes: how a new campaign is tackling the myth of consent, once and for all
By Stephanie Boland - 17 April 12:03

An overheard conversation in a bar prompted four friends to start their own anti-rape campaign. Now, they're asking women everywhere to join in and declare that their clothing doesn't mean consent.

Illustration: Jackson Rees.
The modern chip evokes dreams of flat caps and full employment. But the best fries begin at home
By Will Self - 16 April 16:52

The bistro chip, with its author or workmanlike authenticity, casts a spell of happy, socialist reverie - and autosarcophagy ensues.

A doctor's waiting room. Photo: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/GettyImages
Martha hadn’t let anyone touch her for years and she wasn’t about to start now
By Phil Whitaker - 16 April 16:37

A history of sexual assault prevented Martha from seeking an examination from a gynaecologist.

Work fair: a tea grower waters his crops in Changxing County, eastern China. Photo: XU YU/XINHUA PRESS/CORBIS
The everyday heroes who think about what they eat
By Felicity Cloake - 16 April 16:20

Julian Baggini thinks that eating well is one of the most important ways we live our values. But would he ask a dinner host where she got her chicken?

In political debate as in sport, practice doesn't make perfect: it makes for boring
By Ed Smith - 16 April 14:58

Instead of playing to win, politicians are seeking not to lose.

The author on the red carpet for The Falling. Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for BFI
Back in front of the cameras this week – and posing doesn’t get any easier
By Tracey Thorn - 16 April 10:48

The more we acknowledge that it hurts when someone is cruel about your appearance, the closer we might get to being kinder.

Brian Eno. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
How I nearly joined a cult of men in yellow jumpers - but got out in time to dodge Nick Clegg
By Suzanne Moore - 16 April 10:31

It's great being a Lib Dem - you don't have to believe in anything. For a brief moment in 1996, I thought I'd found my people.

Ryan Gigs consults with "beady eyed" Van Gaal. Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport
Football is a place of totally pointless prejudice – and that’s worth cheering for
By Hunter Davies - 15 April 11:27

In a way, football is democratic - your looks don't matter as much as your ability. So why is such a huge part of loving it hating the players?

The Royal Free Hospital. Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
At hospital, Dad is in a wheelchair and my mother’s on a gurney. Who do I pitch the sitcom to?
By Nicholas Lezard - 15 April 10:15

“Lord, does it hurt?” a disciple asks the agonised Christ on the cross. “Only when I laugh,” He replies.

DNA strands from a double helix model at the Science Museum. Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images
Why are we so desperate to find a genetic explanation for sex offenders?
By Sarah Ditum - 13 April 12:49

The research into the so-called “nonce gene” disintegrates under any kind scrutiny at all. Why do we want to believe in it?

Sunbathers on Brighton beach. Photo: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images
Sussex police’s victim-blaming anti-rape campaign: why is it victims, not rapists, that must change their behaviour?
By Glosswitch - 09 April 12:50

Decades after the first Reclaim the Night march, we are still wondering: why is it always women who are told they have to modify their behaviour in order to stay safe?

Deep in the roar: Niagara Falls, from an 1860 painting by Frederic Church. Photo: GETTY IMAGES
The lost landscape of America: chasing the vanishing sublime
By John Burnside - 08 April 9:10

While the landscapes of Thoreau and Watkins have been preserved by their art, John Burnside finds the wilderness that once covered America neutralised.

Shepherd's Bush. Photo: NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images
A lament for the place where I was born: it can’t be gentrified, so it’s being pulled down
By Nicholas Lezard - 08 April 8:54

These streets won’t appear on chocolate boxes - so soon they won't appear at all.

A dispute over pizza in Indiana has lead to a discussion abotu the nature of freedom. Sort of. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Watch out for “Big Gay”: why the freedom to discriminate is a funny sort of freedom
By Eleanor Margolis - 07 April 17:03

Discrimination under the banner of “freedom” is on the rise again.

It is definitely, definitely not the case that the teams in La Liga are better. Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images
Why are we messing up at top-flight football? I have all the answers
By Hunter Davies - 02 April 16:00

Champion of Europe? Not these days. Hunter Davies explains some of the reasons England aren't quite the footballing force they once were.

Pope Francis. Photo: Associated Press
Beloved of the people: how the Pope has again become a leader for our times
By Maurice Glasman - 02 April 14:43

At a time when career politicians are held in such contempt, Pope Francis is offering a masterclass in leadership.

Students graduate at Liverpool's John Moore university. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Life is full of people with bad ideas and awful opinions. Try to meet as many at university as you can
By Helen Lewis - 02 April 14:13

Universities should be havens of free speech. After all: where else can you find out what the Other Buggers Are Thinking?

A train toilet. Photo: Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images
Will Self: Stuck in a train toilet, I see the future of urban Britain mapped out
By Will Self - 02 April 13:03

The first toilet I got to was of the robotic variety, and the automatic door was broken – confirming all my unease – but the second was of the traditional type, so I shuffled happily inside.

An onlooker photographs a montage of the Kama Sutra. Photo: Getty
Why I changed my mind about porn
By Sarah Ditum - 01 April 15:04

A few years ago, I argued against the idea that porn was hijacking our sexuality. Now, as a women's centre tries to ban my opponent, I wonder - are they scared that if people listen to Gail Dines, their minds might be changed too?

How can a memoir convey the damage done by eating disorders, without passing it on?
By Glosswitch - 31 March 9:06

Nancy Tucker’s eating disorder memoir, The Time In Between, tackles this problem head-on.

Bette Davis, smoking. Photo: STF/AFP/Getty Images
I only have the occasional fag and I don’t long for nicotine – it’s the society of smoking that I crave
By Suzanne Moore - 27 March 14:50

Smoking for David? It could only be Hockney. Smoker extraordinaire, and not a bad painter either.

Thicke as thieves? Photo: David Buchan/Getty Images
Tracey Thorn: Your songs are like your children – you have to wave them off into the world
By Tracey Thorn - 27 March 14:20

Copyright law encourages artists to feel they're in control of what they've made. But in reality, a song is a different thing once it leaves its creator.

Containers with donated milk at the human milk bank in Lima, Peru. Photo: Ernesto Benavides/AFP/Getty Images
Why you shouldn’t sell breast milk
By Glosswitch - 27 March 11:55

In many ways we have come full circle, returning to a time when women were seen not as human beings, but as objects available for sale or exchange. Only now we call it choice.

Edvard Munch's The Scream - a handy pose for your Mail reaction moments. Photo: Sotheby's
Shock news: contra to the headlines, people with depression have jobs
By Stephanie Boland - 27 March 10:16

With 1 in 4 people in Britain suffering a mental illness in any given year, it's obvious many of them hold down jobs and responsibilities. So why are the headlines today so insensitive and unhelpful?

Women urinating on the street in the small hours: the mark of a Britain in crisis, or the ultimate bonding experience?
By Eleanor Margolis - 27 March 10:09

Bond-forming though it may be, weeing in public is not ideal for women. And even Scandinavians haven't found the solution.

HMP Pentonville, London. Photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images
Lessons learned far too late: Inside the prison system with the Conservative justice minister Andrew Selous
By Ashley Cowburn - 26 March 15:33

Following rumours of overcrowding and poor morale, Ashley Cowburn visits Onley Prison - and asks why the system is in such a state.

Dr Bernard. Photo:  TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images
NHS scandals, markets in health care – and why a dog is often just as good as a doctor
By Phil Hammond - 26 March 15:29

"If you’re too depressed to put your pants on in the morning, they’ll lick your testicles. When did you have that much fun with a doctor?"

The crowd at Old Trafford. Photo:  Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Football is multicultural - but you wouldn’t know it looking at the crowd
By Hunter Davies - 26 March 10:35

"The fact that the majority of players in any Premiership game these days are foreign, and so many of them black, does not seem to have had an appreciable effect on the faces in the crowd."

The Portsmouth Sinfonia. Photo: Columbia
Our mob mentality is like a bad orchestra: we saw away at the same tunes and ignore the racket
By Will Self - 26 March 10:33

At the Heart of Darkness is an unthinking trust in institutions. How else do you explain the Portsmouth Sinfonia?