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Women urinating on the street in the small hours: the mark of a Britain in crisis, or the ultimate bonding experience?
By Eleanor Margolis - 27 March 10:09

Bond-forming though it may be, weeing in public is not ideal for women. And even Scandinavians haven't found the solution.

Boycott Dolce & Gabbana? Since when did we look to fashion for any kind of moral integrity?
By Eleanor Margolis - 18 March 11:58

To those boycotting Dolce & Gabbana: are we really looking to an industry that uses child labour, torments women and ignores ethnic minorities to lead the fight for moral justice?

Closing time: the loss of iconic gay venues is a nasty side-effect of London's sanitisation
By Eleanor Margolis - 11 March 11:42

From Soho to South London, our capital's most loved gay bars and clubs are being forced to shut down due to the sweeping sterilisation of London nightlife.

Kelly Gissendaner chose junk food for her last meal. Photo: Paul J Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Why are we so fascinated by the macabre ritual of the death row last meal?
By Eleanor Margolis - 04 March 16:25

Kelly Gissendaner, due to be the first woman executed by the US state of Georgia in 70 years, chose a feast of junk food for her last meal. Her selection has been pored over by the media – why?

Whispering plays a big part in ASMR. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Welcome to the world of autonomous sensory meridian response videos, the internet’s soft play area
By Eleanor Margolis - 19 February 16:50

For some people, videos of people performing intricate tasks or crinkling paper can produce a satisfying tingling feeling. If you can suspend your cyncism, it’s one of the nicest places on the internet to be.

Surprisingly, “Be Aware B4 You Share” is targeted at the perpetrators of revenge porn. Photo: Getty
New government revenge porn campaign blames perpetrators, not victims
By Eleanor Margolis - 13 February 16:42

Finally, some culprit-blaming as the Ministry of Justice takes an important step forward with the “Be Aware B4 You Share” campaign.

A woman waits in the rain. Photo: Getty
Women should never have to lie about being “taken” to stop men from harassing them
By Eleanor Margolis - 12 February 15:19

Any woman who’s ever made her way home, alone, from a night out will know that feeling of dread that comes from unwelcome conversation.

A lesbian couple hold hands at a rally. Photo: David Silverman/Getty Images
Labour’s plan to introduce LGBT education to five year olds is the best idea they’ve had
By Eleanor Margolis - 04 February 17:13

At school, Eleanor Margolis first heard “lesbian” as an insult. How much easier her own coming out would have been if the teachers had mentioned it was normal.

55 per cent of LGBT pupils have had to deal with homophobic bullying at school. Photo: Getty
Is an LGBT school a good idea?
By Eleanor Margolis - 21 January 16:37

If it would protect people from homophobic bullying, could a separate school be worth a try?

The BBC's Super-Rich and Us. Photo: BBC/Fresh One Productions
Our masochistic fascination with the super-rich must end now
By Eleanor Margolis - 14 January 15:02

The vast majority of us spend our lives worrying about money. If you don't, shut up.

Taylor Swift, 2014’s “secret lesbian” of choice. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images
Let this be the year that we say goodbye to the secret lesbian
By Eleanor Margolis - 06 January 16:57

It’s 2015. Let’s just let women do stuff.

Oscar Wilde in c1884. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images
It’s quite hard to be witty when a man with a tin of beans is calling you a “dyke”
By Eleanor Margolis - 17 December 9:31

It’s unfair that, when we come under attack for our sexuality, gender or race, we expect ourselves to immediately develop the stoicism of Marcus Aurelius, the eloquence of Eleanor Roosevelt and the wit of Oscar Wilde.

Fans await the arrival of William and Kate in New York. Photo: Getty
I’ll never understand why people scream on catching sight of the royal family
By Eleanor Margolis - 10 December 12:28

It seems that today’s screaming fans are more extreme than ever.

A restaurant in central London. Photo: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images
If you want to know how socially conservative Britain still is, go to a restaurant
By Eleanor Margolis - 04 December 10:28

Lesbians have been asked not to kiss because “this is a family restaurant”, and a woman having afternoon tea at Claridge’s was told that she wasn’t allowed to breastfeed her baby. We aren’t always as liberal as we think.

Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, the kind and non-judgmental hosts of Pointless. Photo: Getty Images
At once fascinating, horrifying and mildly arousing, ignorance porn is everywhere (and I love it)
By Eleanor Margolis - 24 November 12:02

Shows like Pointless satisfy a new itch - to gawp at those who don't know obvious things, like what toast is. It's hardcore ignorance porn at its best.

Nicki Minaj's misguided Nazi hip-hop dystopia achieves a rare feat: offending absolutely everybody
By Eleanor Margolis - 13 November 13:13

The star's new music video features a cartoon version of scenes straight out of Triumph of the Will - but she claims it was accidental. Somehow.

Why you should be worried about Dapper Laughs: he’s making sexism mundane
By Eleanor Margolis - 07 November 10:39

The internet comedian is turning retro sexism into a viral phenomenon, and now that he’s been give his own ITV2 show, the message is clear: misogyny is just as mainstream and marketable as ever.

A Pride march in San Francisco. Photo: Sarah Rice/Getty
On gay rights, the Conservatives are still, unsurprisingly, conservative
By Eleanor Margolis - 03 November 16:00

A much-clarified tweet from the Department for Education serves to remind us that despite the introduction of same-sex marriage, the Conservative Party has yet to catch up on some issues.

Zombies attend the 2014 Venice Carnival. Photo: Marco Secchi/Getty
What is it about fancy dress that makes us think we can behave appallingly?
By Eleanor Margolis - 29 October 13:38

Halloween is particularly bad for this – from Jimmy Savile costumes to “sexy ebola” outfits, we seem to see it as an excuse to be offensive. Much better stick to the traditional zombies and gore.

A still from “Margarita, with a Straw”.
Margarita, with a Straw: an Indian indie film with a lot to say about disability and sexuality
By Eleanor Margolis - 22 October 12:04

Central character Laila is hounded by reminders that she’s different, but refreshingly, never accepts this herself.

Sorry shouldn't just be a passive-aggressive tool for getting more space on the Tube. Photo: Getty
A mere apology isn’t good enough any more – we need Sorry Plus™
By Eleanor Margolis - 17 October 17:19

For too long, saying sorry has just been a get out of jail free card for people who burp opinions that would make Katie Hopkins blush. It’s time we meant it.

Imagine a hat made out of lemons. Photo: Getty
Life has given Generation Y lemons, and yet somehow we make hats
By Eleanor Margolis - 10 October 12:20

Bret Easton Ellis has termed Generation Y “Generation Wuss”. What’s wrong with being a wuss?

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj performing together. Photo: Getty
The modishness of female body parts is cyclical – when will ears get their turn?
By Eleanor Margolis - 29 September 11:18

Beginning with last year’s twerking extravaganza, and climaxing in Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea’s recent hit single “Booty”, we’re increasingly arse-focused.

It's all very well to be a bit bicurious but not to cynically treat us like guinea pigs. Photo: Getty
No, going lesbian for a year is not an acceptable hobby
By Eleanor Margolis - 19 September 12:44

No matter how much depth and nuance there may well be between the covers of Lesbian For a Year, the book’s premise is damaging and dreary.

Hunting trophies reading for mounting. Photo: Getty
Does the world really need another vegetarian lesbian?
By Eleanor Margolis - 12 September 13:59

A cheerfully-purchased memento mori is forcing Eleanor Margolis to rethink her dietary choices. At least in the bedroom.

Mindfulness can be lovingly, painstakingly assaulting fruit. Photo: Getty
Mindfulness: the sexy cure-all for the nail-chewing ailments of my anxiety-ridden generation
By Eleanor Margolis - 05 September 10:43

Or, how I ended up plucking the seeds off a strawberry at six in the morning.

A reveller waves a rainbow flag during a gay pride parade. Photo: Getty
Why coming out matters
By Eleanor Margolis - 29 August 12:31

Your sexuality is an important part of you, and no one should be allowed to diminish that.

Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux in “Blue is the Warmest Colour”.
Five theories as to why lesbians are more likely to orgasm than straight women
By Eleanor Margolis - 21 August 13:31

A recent study by the Kinsey Institute has found that lesbians are much more likely to orgasm during sex than either straight or bisexual women.

We’ve won, lesbians. We’ve penetrated the realm of emojis
By Eleanor Margolis - 15 August 14:26

Snark aside, queer women should never be invisible.

“Lesbian sperm banks”: When the media reports good news as bad news
By Eleanor Margolis - 04 August 15:12

There is a peculiar phenomenon of good news being reported as bad news. When you’re L, G, B or T, you notice this quite a lot.