Pop culture, politics and feminism


The princess craze is no fairy tale
By Laurie Penny - 05 May 13:31

Young women need different models of femininity.

This England, 29.04.2011
By Laurie Penny - 29 April 12:17

On the day of the wedding, this country is undergoing a profound identity crisis.

Buns, bunting and retro-imperialism
Buns, bunting and retro-imperialism
By Laurie Penny - 27 April 17:16

Royal wedding cheerleaders want to drag us back to the days of deference.

The Battle of Stokes Croft
By Laurie Penny - 22 April 17:44

What happened when police, squatters and anti-Tesco protesters clashed in Bristol.

Put vendetta aside and vote Yes to AV
By Laurie Penny - 21 April 13:04

Petty revenge politics does nothing but reduce us to the level of Westminster.

A sad truth about “happy pills”
By Laurie Penny - 18 April 14:53

Governments have long been reluctant to draw attention to the links between mental health and socio-economic factors.

A reading list for radical thinkers
By Laurie Penny - 15 April 11:41

This reading list may not make you happy, but it might just make you brave.

It’s an education, all right
By Laurie Penny - 10 April 12:19

British universities now see themselves as companies, and students are the losers.

Willetts has reminded us that social mobility is a scam
By Laurie Penny - 07 April 16:56

The entire premise of social mobility rests on the blithe acceptance of social inequality.

The shame is all theirs
By Laurie Penny - 03 April 10:51

Nadine Dorries and Frank Field's proposal for pre-abortion counselling is scientifically unsound and morally untenable.

What really happened in Trafalgar Square
By Laurie Penny - 27 March 17:22

Neither mindless nor violent, young protesters were forced into a stand-off with police.

Why I'm marching today
By Laurie Penny - 26 March 9:36

Like thousands of others, I'll be demonstrating in London because we need to fight for our principles.

The heavies of the state
By Laurie Penny - 25 March 11:37

It's hard to see someone's humanity through a riot visor.

My night at the Shaftas
By Laurie Penny - 20 March 13:05

What I learned at the porn industry's annual awards ceremony.

Inside the Saif house
By Laurie Penny - 15 March 10:38

The UK home of Colonel Gaddafi’s son is in the hands of Libyan exiles. This is what it’s like from w

Charlie Sheen's problem with women
By Laurie Penny - 13 March 13:01

The actor has brutalised the women in his life for years, but the global press is more scandalised by his drug habit.

In Cameron's Britain profit has become the new piety
By Laurie Penny - 12 March 13:12

Bigotry has a moral framework in 2011.

Violence against women in Tahrir Square
By Laurie Penny - 08 March 18:22

Speak it aloud, let it ooze over your tongue: how bitter does it taste?

Galliano’s fashionable beliefs
By Laurie Penny - 04 March 14:01

The problem with racism and sexism in fashion goes far beyond one slurring fantasist.

Decoding the royal guest list
By Laurie Penny - 03 March 12:37

Celebrity elitism is merging with the elitism of previous centuries.

Is it crass to compare the protests in London, Cairo and Wisconsin?
By Laurie Penny - 02 March 15:40

The difference between Tahrir Square and Parliament Square is one of scale, but not of substance.

This is no conspiracy, Glenn Beck
By Laurie Penny - 26 February 14:20

The UK and US Uncut movements are a genuinely popular, if gentle, insurrection. So why are their members being branded "extremists"?

In defence of squatting
By Laurie Penny - 20 February 19:36

The occupation of private property is brave and necessary.

Hey, Dave: our society's bigger than yours
By Laurie Penny - 18 February 12:03

We have an uprising that's far bigger and more social than Cameron could have imagined.

Revolts don’t have to be tweeted
By Laurie Penny - 15 February 11:40

There is a lot more to the recent uprisings than just the knock-on effects of social media.

Julie Burchill’s imperialist froth over Israel
By Laurie Penny - 13 February 10:35

The columnist is wrong to describe Louis Theroux’s documentary and The Promise as nothing more than “Jew-baiting”.

Vajazzled and bemused
By Laurie Penny - 08 February 10:38

This latest trend shows that female sexual shame remains big business.

Fear thy neighbour
By Laurie Penny - 06 February 10:31

The real ideological war going on in this country right now is not between terror and its antithesis, but between action and apathy.

In defence of the “C” word
By Laurie Penny - 02 February 10:38

Men have so many words that they can use to hint at their own sexual power, but we have just the one. Let’s use it and love it.

No sex. No drugs. And no leaders
By Laurie Penny - 26 January 16:04

Life on the front line of student activism.